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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Meeting Nie Nie and Christian Nielson was Blissful

Last night the Fashionista and I headed out from our home in the Wild West and moseyed on over to Blissfest. No, it wasn't by stagecoach. :)

As usual, the delightful Dan and Kristin Alber and their petite posse hosted a amazing event, which this year benefited the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Thank you Jaimee Rose for this beautiful photo.

The Domestic Bliss staff once again created amazing vignettes worthy of a hoot and holler.

Here I am in my vintage square dancing attire.

It was so good to see sweet friends like Mindy. It has been toooo long.

The magnificent Maija graciously opened her home to a few of the out of town vendors. Now that is my idea of a grand slumber party.

Sweet Tricia has been keeping busy instructing several classes. Soon she'll be heading to Silver Bella.

Of course there were an amazing cast of characters in costume.

I wanted to steal away darling Sophie in her pink cowboy hat.

The most glamorous cowgirl of the evening was Paris Montana.

The Glamarella Junk booth was filled with eye candy.

I couldn't resist taking home one of her "Vintage Chick" t shirts.

I was delighted to run into Jaimee Rose and her dear friend Cindy. Miss Rose is an extremely gifted writer. Her articles for the Arizona Republic are always penned perfection. In addition, she graciously provides glimpses into her stylish life on her wonderful blog. I never miss a post! Jaimee and Cindy win the Chicest Cowgirls of the evening. Their ensembles were as always, picture perfect.

Photo courtesy of Arizona Republic.

Now let me tell you about how I ended the evening in tears. Christian and Stephanie Nielson were the guests of honor this year. Last years Blissfest fundraiser was held in the hopes that this inspiring couple would fully recover from their accident. Many months went by where it was touch and go.
Thousands of bloggers continue to follow their journey on the Nie Nie Dialogues which is written by Stephanie. I have to tell you that it was an incredible experience to meet the Nielson's.
Indeed when I first approached the couple my first words were "I am going to try to talk to you without crying." (I did anyway.) We talked about their children and what an inspiration they are to me as parents. The Fashionista shared her desires for a fashion designed filled future that she hopes will also include
a relationship like theirs.
The Nielson's have been
faced with a challenge in life that at times must seem insurmountable. But they have chosen to take what comes their
way one step at a time. Their story, their life, is truly, truly inspiring. The light they project is a beacon for many. I just cannot describe how joy and happiness truly radiated from this couple and enveloped everyone in their presence. They are spectacularly beautiful people, inside and out.

This morning I placed this photograph above my desk. Recently I have been feeling overwhelmed by school. In the past two weeks I have logged over 40 hours on one project alone. I have 4 weeks left in the semester and 6 classes remain until I achieve my longtime dream of graduating. But thoughts of defeat~ giving up~ have crossed my mind. Yet with perfect timing God presented me with an opportunity to be humbled. Thank you Mr. And Mrs. Nielson for giving me a very precious gift. This photograph will serve as a reminder that I must continue to take on life one step at a time and be a source of encouragement and inspiration to those whom I encounter in my own life.

Be blessed,

Update: For those of you who are unfamiliar with Nie Nie's heroic journey here is a recent post about just one day in her life.


Jenglamgirl said...

What fun, and great pictures. It all looks wonderful. Best of all you got to meet the Nielsons.. I am a fan of NieNie Dialogues. I watched them on KSL news recently too. How lucky and inspiring to get to meet them. I think you using that picture as a source of encouragement and hard work is great. Take Care!

Destiny said...

Looks like so much fun! What a unique idea! The dog was too cute! Where can I get one of those t-shirts?! Have a great weekend!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Good Morning Laura!
What a wonderful post today. I so love the pics of the many faces and the booths that you have shared with us. Most of all, thank you for sharing the Nielsons story with us. I am going to go and further read into their story. I am sure it is a wonderful testimony at that.

You look so sweet in your western gear. I know you enjoyed yourself immensely. I loved the t-shirt you purchased.

Stop by soon and say hi. I love it when you visit. Country hugs and love, Sherry

Connie said...

We Mormons are a tough group to get and keep down, sugar! We know the "end of the book" and keep on living life no matter what is dealt us. My heart truly goes out to that gorgeous girl and her family for what they have gone through. ALL my trials seem miniscule in comparison. I pray they'll be fine, chickee....

Craftymoose Crafts said...

What an amazing event! How I wish I was closer to attend! You both looked fabulous in your western gear!

If there is anything that I have learned from reading your posts these many is that you are no quitter! I know that you have the prairie spunk and determination of your ancestor and will apply that to finish your classes & meet your goal..

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love your dress, Laura! You look so pretty! I am not familiar with their story, but will try and read it. It's amazing how sometimes when we are feeling a certain way we become aware of another person's situation that can make ours pale in comparison. It's happened to me, too, and I wind up feeling thankful that my issue has been put in perspective.

Blondie's Journal said...

What a great time it looks like you had!! Love your cowgirl outfit. I was truly inspired by your story of the Nielssns and I hope that having that lovely piture on your desk continues to keep you on your path. You are so very close...


Mimi said...

Hi Laura!!!
Oh my goodness, I loved your post today!!!!
I have followed NIE-NIE for months now and watched and cried when they were on Oprah!!!!
What an honor to not only hear them speak in person but to actually get a one on one meeting with them!!!!
How special!!!!
They truly are an inspiration to many!!!
enjoy your week-end and Never ever give up, waht I start and commit to , I keep my word and through all the stresses that come with that good or bad, I stick to it, I sometimes keep that from me starting thigns, cause I know I will NOT stop!!!! Training for a 1/2 marathon, as I'm doing right now, after pulling a nerve in my back, so I 'll see if I will be able to finsih, who knows.
hugs to you my dear friend,

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

What a great opportunity to meet the Nielson's. I have just started to read NieNie's blog, even though I did hear about the tragic accident last year.I saw them on Oprah & what an amazing story of courage & faith. Her eyes shine so sweetly. So glad you got to meet them, what a blessing!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, and I also have a Vintage Chick T-shirt. But, I really wish I had gotten a size larger. The Medium fits like a Small. :)

teresa sheeley said...

Such fun, and wonderful memories and inspiration to keep with you. Thank you for sharing with all of us. You touched me about your goal to graduate. I too, am attempting to finish my degree at age 47, and when you said you had such little to go, I was so inspired by you, because I can't wait to say I have 6 more classes to go! :) Good luck and God will give you that strength to push forward! Again, thank you for your inspiration. And, I don't think I could have spoken to Stephanie without crying either, good tears, but yeah, I couldn't have gone dry eyed.


Lou Cinda said...

How much fun this must have been! I LOVE all the photos!!

I have followed Stephanie's blog for quite some time and cannot imagine how wonderful it would be to meet them!! She inspires me in so many, many ways to be better! A better everything!

Lucky you!!

Lou Cinda :)

{ L } said...

What a GOOD time you had! And how what a special memory to tuck in your heart in getting to meet the Nielsons.

You found the vintage chick shirt for me!!! I saw it a long time ago and have been trying to find it since. Thank you! :D

Liz said...

You look sp cute in your get-up! You must have had a lot of fun. That was awesome that you got to meet the Nielson's. I have watched and read about them and they are an inspiring family!

Fashonista is beautiful!


Hang in there your...almost done. :)

Linda said...

Loved all of the photos and the tale of your great adventure. :)

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Meeting the Neilsons would indeed be blissful. She is so amazingly courageous I literally want to kick myself when I complain about things...things that in comparison are incredibly ridiculous.

Looks like Blissfest was a good time. Best of luck as you finish up with school..and remember to always follow your bliss. :-)

LiLi M. said...

What a wonderful time you had, meeting wonderful people, that is always so inspiring!

Cote de Texas said...

whoa- I'm so jealous! you actually got to meet nie nie? she looks so adorable in that picture. I have the same necklace that she has on!!!! anthropologie! she looks happy. it's unreal. what a miracle she is!!!!

Miss Sandy said...


What an incredible experience. God's timing is always perfect and He sends us His encouragement just when we need it. They truly are an amazing inspiration. I'll double up on those prayers over the next few weeks!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Laura, I just find their story so incredibly inspiring. I think that must have been a highlight in life to meet them in person. I'm familiar with their story, and I have read her blog from front to back. Awesome. Simply awesome.

Love to you, precious, and I hope school goes well for you. I'm very proud of YOU!


Sheila :-)

Kristin said...

What an amazing experience that must have been. They are what real love is made of!

Mildred said...

Hello Laura, I enjoyed your pictures and want to say how much I admire and pray the very best for the Nielson's. I admire your tenacity in reaching for your goal. I know it's been overwhelming but so worth it.

Six divided by two..... said...

I looove your blog. So much so that I am now a follower ..

Rue said...

Hi Laura :)

You looked beautiful as always. What a fun time! Although I can't imagine how emotional it would be to meet the Nielsons. So inspiring.


TheSingingBird said...

Laura what a wonderful blessing to be able to meet with the Nielsons. I'm so happy you had the opportunity to give them your love in person as they have brought forth so much love into this world.♥

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Laura, I am sorry I have been so crazy busy and not blogvisiting. What a lovely post. I am so happy for you that you spent time with Mr. and Mrs. Nielson. People who are walking their faith.:) Love your pictures. Praying for God to take away some of your overwhelm stresses. xo Lidy

sagecreekltd said...

i love the way you started your conversation with nie nie, i think anyone that has heard her story, must feel the same way in her presence. she is such a miracle and an inspiration.

domestic bliss said...

you look sooo cute in that square dancing ensemble!!!