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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A gorgeous home filled with antiques

Recently I attended an estate sale. It was probably the finest sale I have been to so far. Upon entering the massive doors I was struck by this beautiful domed ceiling.

To the left was a small settee topped by a gorgeous tapestry that was already marked "sold". Drats!

There was a large center sitting area that I couldn't photograph due to the vast amounts of people lined up to make a purchase. But beyond that was a lovely dining room. The oil paintings were spectacularly beautiful in person.

I then made my way through the butler's pantry and past a huge china closet that had padded walls. (Sadly, it was to dark to photograph well.) I then came out into the sitting area attached to the kitchen. Sweet happy sighs...

The furniture groupings were a bit mish mashed due to the sale, yet you could see the potential. So many pieces for sale captured my fancy. There were two of these chairs that I admired for their whimsical lines. Alas, they were not comfortable so I left them flanking the fireplace.

Turning around I easily imagined Mr. Decor and I enjoying our Saturday morning tea and toast.

Oh my but this kitchen was lovely. Look at the ultra thick butcher block counter tops with marble nestled between.

Above the gorgeous sink was a plate rack that featured the same padded fabric walls as the large china closet.While it indeed would keep your dishes from being chipped, I think it would have to be strictly decorative because I see problems with continually placing possibly still wet plates on fabric over time.

Remember how the door was open in the breakfast nook area? This was where the door led to~ an inner courtyard.

This was the entry into the attached guest house. I adore the awnings. To the left of the guest house was a massive outdoor grill, basketball court and swimming pool.

I came inside back through the laundry area. It was bigger than both of my bathrooms combined. :)

The next room had me wishing that my cousin was on my left side and Joni from Cote De Texas was on my right side just so we could have squealed with delight together.

Look at how they used an old grain sack to upholster (and elevate) what would have been a rather ordinary chair.

On the other wall was a painting that I am STILL thinking about.

I walked through a Jack and Jill bathroom into another bedroom. The painted walls were great fun. I imagined all sorts of possibilities for this light filled space.

I wanted to wrap up the desk, mirror, and lamps but alas have no where to put them. Do you see the yummy floral wallpaper peeking out of the bathroom area?

Next, I went upstairs. they had the loft area set up as a study.

Right next to the loft it was an area I am sure the husband used regularly as there was a very comfy sectional and large screen tv.

This was the view of Camelback mountain from the windows.

There were 2 bedrooms upstairs as well. Other sale attendees wouldn't budge from the rooms so I wasn't able to photograph them. (Grrrr! Don't they know I have a post to blog about? :) So I made do with the bathroom.
I loved the silver mercury apothecary jars. They were $90 for the set.

Change up the wall color, add a few new accessories and I don't think I would ever get out of this tub.

Walking back down the gorgeous stairs.

Are you ready for the master suite? This was the sitting area.

Here is the bedroom. While I didn't particularly care for the padded headboard, the settee at the foot of the bed had me at hello. The artwork on the left wall featured a man and woman painted on silk. Oh mercy.

Ok, I think I might have gasped out loud when I entered this sanctuary.

The closet alone was bigger than my bedroom. The black boxes contain the hinge hardware. You grasp hold of the cane and pull the bar down to access your upper level clothing.

Yet another wall. I thought for a moment about how great the shelves would be to hold craft and sewing supplies. The Fashionista immediately said "A place to store my shoes." Different strokes...

A powder room in which I was just completely~ insanely~ crazy for the wall color.

This Italian cherub also captured my heart.

I wanted this wing chair inspired settee sooooo bad. It was beyond comfortable and the linen upholstery was so lovely. Let's see, ASU tuition for next semester or the settee? Hmmmm.

Thankfully, dreams are free.


Coastal Sisters said...

How incredible this home was. Just gorgeous! Thank you for the tour!


Blondie's Journal said...


What a spectacular home!! I loved everything about it!! The owners had exquisite taste and design sense. I would have gone just to have the jaw dropping experience!

Have a wonerful day!


Nancy said...

Wow, that is some home! Very, very lovely decor. What an experience just to walk through!


The French Bear said...

Wow, that is probably he most beautiful house I have ever seen! I love the laundry room!
And the bathrooms!! OMG, Did you buy anything?
Thanks for sharing the photos!
Margaret B

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous house and such beautiful things inside. Everything looks so pretty. Thanks for the dream tour. Hugs, Marty

Lou Cinda said...

Holie Molie!! What a gorgeous home!! I would have just stood in one place with my mouth hanging open!!! That staircase and those windows!!! And the bathrooms!! I could go on and on!

Spectacular! I always wonder though, what happened to the people that lived there?

Lou Cinda :)

Linda said...

Oh thank you for taking us along on this most dreamy post! :) I've never seen a house as lovely and I was thinking the same thing in many of the photos - that our entire small house could fit easily in a couple of rooms.

I would love to stroll through a place such as this.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a gorgeous house! That chair doesn't look too comfortable from the picture either ~ looks like hardly any seat padding. They did have some lovely things though.

ceekay said...

Wow, that is gorgeous. I would be crying to leave it though. Have ta wonder why??? Anyways, didn't you get any wonderful little purchase???
Looks like it was fun!

Sandy said...

Just gorgeous, great inspiration. I could live there (in my dreams). The furniture was wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

char said...

Oh Laura, what a gorgeous home. I want to move!! So many beautiful things and I loved it all. Thankyou so much for the tour and a peek at what I missed, Char
I am off to link you to my blog. I love the AZ luncheon pictures, it's like a redo of a great time!

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

This is certainly a wow home to see. It looks like a 5 star hotel. Even if I couldn't afford anything, I would like to be a Looky Lou. Thanks for the tour.

Lorrie said...

Thank you for the wonderful tour, Laura. It's a good thing dreams are free, isn't it? What a beautiful home.


Destiny said...

Oh my gosh! The laundry room, the staircase, the CLOSET...all to die for! What a beautiful home...somewhat sad to see it dismembered though : ) Your little cherub is adorable...I'm a sucker for those too! Love your blog!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

OMG Laura!
Honey thank you for sharing this estate sale. What a wonderful place to stroll through. Makes you want to imagine what it would it would be like if you lived there yourself. All the things you would change. Oh my. Just so beautiful.

I too, love the settee. I love the studded edges, the warm cream color. So much to offer here. I would so love this place.

Thank you so kindly for sharing with us today. Did you buy the picture I am so anxious to know? I love it by the way.

Have a wonderful week sweetie. It was so lovely to meet you.

Country hugs and love, Sherry

ann said...

if i were ever lucky enough to live there.i could NEVER move,could you?everything is so gorgeous.Did you buy anything,i'm nosey.haha...ann

Karen said...

Oh, my... thank you for sharing this lovely home with us. It's so spacious. I am normally not into pastels and that much white but this was absolutely fabulous. I'm going to have to go back and enjoy this again.
Love it!
Ladybug Creek

Robin Thomas said...

Yep I could move right in there. makes me wonder what that story was. Must be a vacation home or a bad story. Thanks for sharing!

LiLi M. said...

I love to peek in other peoples' homes! If I lived in the US I would probably attend estate sales for that reason alone! Did you buy anything? Here we don't have those estate sales, was everything priced or do you have to 'grab' things and take them to the owner? And what about 4 machines in your laundry room? I have a laundry machine and a dryer, did I miss anything? Thanks for touring us around, I enjoyed every minute!

Willow said...

Wow that was one beautiful estate to visit.


Stacey said...

Wow you can really tell that when it's all put together that home is stunning. Really makes you wonder why they are leaving.

Linda Q said...

Wow what an amazing home. Was this like a forclosure thing or people just moving. It is amazing they didn't take some of those things with them.
Fun seeing the home though.

Mimi said...

Hi Laura!!!
Oh my goodness!!!! What a lovely home tour you took us on!!!!
I hope the family who lived there has not fallen on bad times, how sad!!! What a view as well!!!
I agree be practical or whimsical!!! Be Practical, good call!!!!!

susan said...

Oh Wow! I love everything--especially the breakfast area in the kitchen. The contents look too new to be a real "estate" sale. Hope the owner was not a victim of the economy. It would be so sad to part with all of this. Thanks for showing us!

Maija said...

Freaking wow........

Anonymous said...

Laura, great pics and info and love the AZ setting!

However, the background and lined paper effect is difficult to see thru to read and straining. Consider changing.

Amy said...

I was gasping at all the pictures! live in a house like that....

Liz said...

Don't you wonder what happened that a family would just walk away from such a lovely home? Wow!! Thanks for sharing! Dreamy!


Carrie said...

What a beautiful home!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Laura, I owe you a huge apology. The cider that I featured in my tablescape is the bottle you gave me. I did receive some from Karen, however, I just looked at my notes and this particular bottle is the one you gave me. I sincerely apologize for the mix up and not giving the proper credit to you. I have gone to my blog and changed the credit to you. I really am sorry. It is so thoughtless of me to not make sure what I was doing before I did the post. I hope you will excuse me. Hugs, Marty

Heather said...

Wow, that must have been quite an experience! It's a gorgeous home!

Charli and me said...

What a beautiful home! The art work was stunning and I love the glass above the bath. Very pretty. Thank you for sharing ♥

Jill said...

Lovely! Why were they selling all that great stuff???

The Berry's Patch said...

Love the high ceilings. What a gorgeous home.

Jacey said...

Laura - Thanks for sharing these pictures. I saved a couple of them to my computer for ideas for my own home somewhere down the road. I love the window treatments in the kitchen. My walls are a similar color. I also love the rug runner on the stairs and those portraits in the dining room. Thanks again!

wing chair william said...

Great example of a wing chair on there. its not often you see them with a curved back leading out to the sides.

Eileen@Star's Fault said...

What a beautiful, beautiful place. Makes you wonder why wnayone would want to sell such lovely things and leave so delightful a home. I crushedon the wall color in the bathroom, such a surprise after all the neutrals!

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

Kristin said...

I could pretty much live in that garden tub!