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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chihuly and a message from Laura

The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is currently running an outdoor exhibit entitled Chihuly: The Nature of Glass.

The glorious creations shown are by the artist Dale Chihuly whose work can be found in more than 200 museums worldwide.

His hand blown glass sculptures have been referred to as "liquid light".

Here is a close up of my favorite piece: "The Blue and Purple Boat".

Most of his creations are simply titled. This is in no way representative of his intricate and masterful designs.

A piece entitled "Mexican Hat and Horns".

It was amazing just how beautifully these designs fit within a desert landscape.

It was a perfectly wonderful day to be outdoors.

This sculpture reminded me of the marbles I played with as a child.

Some of the pieces were larger than basketballs.

Sweet boy enjoying the "Blue Moon".

He took the next three pictures.

My mother in law adored the cactus condos. Can you see the birds peeking their heads and beaks out of various holes?

Along the "Plants and People" trail there are several dwellings created by past and present native Americans. This structure belonged to the Akimel O'odham tribe.

I must admit when I first moved to Arizona I hated the barren landscape. I have now found the beauty that exists here.

This is a desert oasis with glass Chihuly boulders. The red blurs are actually dragonflies. I tried to get a clear shot but they were to fast.

The bees were hard at work.

I was so entranced with this work of art. It reminded me of a glorious campfire.

I could imagine this as a beautiful chandelier in a modern dwelling.

You can see the amazing detail found in his work.

The exhibit runs through May.
I would like to thank Mr. Chihuly who permits and encourages photography of his artwork for educational and non-commercial use only. Please respect his wishes by not copying the above photos.

To all of my fabulous bloggy friends and regular commentors I would like to ask that you please forgive my recent lack of comments. I am in the midst of studying for two finals (Please pray for me!) as well as creating a final year end art project for my son's class and preparing for the upcoming Bohemian Bliss show. I have recently been blessed with a huge design and remodeling job of a condo clubhouse as well as a design job for my pastor's office. In my spare time (ha!) I am packing for an upcoming trip to Minnesota in which I will be helping my 87 year old grandmother downsize into a smaller home.
I am thinking I should take some realistic photo's of the bomb that is currently going off in my home. (Smile.)


Mildred said...

Beautiful pictures this morning and your son is quite a photographer. Thank him for sharing his photos with us. You will be in my prayers during this busy time. May God bless your Grandmother too during this time of transition. Is this the one who loves dolls?

Lisa said...

How beautiful - his work is amazing. I saw something similar to the blue chandelier when we were in the Bahamas a few years ago. We went on a tour of the Atlantis resort, and there was a large white chandelier in one of the common areas.

Mr. Chihuly's is much prettier!

Good luck with your finals - I know you'll do well.


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Laura, thanks so much for those stunning pictures of the glass art! We visited that same place in Phoenix about 12 years ago and we were struck by the utter barrenness of the whole place. Coming from lush New England, it was quite a contrast. All that colorful glass art really spices the place up though! Such creativity!

Good luck on your exams, your art project, your job and your trip. You'll need a vacation when all that is over!


Sister Robbins said...

Dear Laura,
I loved your pictures of the desert, I once visited Tucson in the winter, I was so appreciative of the warm weather in February. The glass artist also did a large chandelier for the Symphony Hall in Salt Lake in time for the 2002 olympics there. It is beautiful, I enjoyed the pictures of his other works.
I also loved your guest room post. I have one and the first thing I did was get sateen sheets. I have scarred my children and their spouses for life, they can't stand regular cotton sheets, and staying in a hotel isn't a treat anymore. Oops!lol.
Have a Lovely Day~

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Oh Laura! I am amazed & impressed what you have on your plate. Congratulations on landing two design jobs. I can't even imagine that along with school, and family. I tip my hat to you my friend. Never worry about comments back! Your photos were amazing. Mr. Chihuly is a incredible..incredible artist & man. The photos are beyond words. Good luck moving your grandmother. Minnesota is where my grandparents lived too. All the best to you!

Linda said...

Praying for you with your finals ~ you certainly have a full plate!

The garden and glass art is fantastic! You're right in that the pieces seem to be part of the natural landscape. They're all gorgeous. I find it fascinating to travel along on your blog field trip, as the landscape is so entirely different there from what we have here in the flatland of Central Illinois farms.

~Linda :)

Cat said...

Great show.. Thanks for sharing..
Love that blue 'chandelier'..

Congrats on ur design jobs..That's Awesome.. Looking forward to some photos.. lol..

Carrie said...

The pictures are amazing.

You are a very busy lady. Take good care of yourself despite all the busyness.

Housewife Savant said...

A bomb in your home Laura? Puh-leez. Only if the explosion consists of well-placed accessories, flattering lighting and glorious fabrics.

Is this a good time to tell you I solicited reader design questions as per your request? (last post)
You can deny knowing me and I'll pass it off to a bit of bad potato.

The glass art is LOVELY!

Neabear said...

You do sound busy. Good luck with your finals. I have been to the Museum in Naples, Florida and saw sculptures very much like this. Probably the same artist. I remember being fascinated by them.

TRay said...

I LOVE Chihuly!! Fantastic work!!

Really Rainey said...

You are forgiven, for there is nothing to forgive... We all have ebbs and tides in our lives... Your in my prayers for that final. Life comes first.
Thanks for that fantastic photo tour of the Botanical Gardens glass exhibit! I haven't been able to get up there to see it yet and I really want to before it gets too hot! Its Peach season tho and I'm going to Schnepf Farms for the Festival next week end! Its only down the street from me!
~Really Rainey~

Kathy said...

What a beautiful and amazing talent. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

Evening Shade Morning Latte said...

All I can say is WOW!

deedee said...

We've had company the last two weeks. We just took them to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens yesterday. From all the oh's and ah's I think this was the highlight of their trip. Thanks for sharing your pictures so others can see how wonderful the display was.

Muthering Heights said...

What an amazing exhibit! I love his work.

Tracy said...

Oh my, Laura. How beautiful! I wish the exhibit were running longer... I'd drive to Phoenix from So Cal to see it if only I didn't have so much going on for the next few weeks... love Dale Chihuly's work.

Jen said...

Dear Laura, WOW - thanks for sharing these incredible pictures! I saw the Chihuly exibit in San Francisco but the pieces are unbelievable in the desert setting.
Spectacular! Good luck with the exams and it sounds like wonderful things are happening - so enjoy - dont worry about commenting - you are one busy woman. Good luck with your exams and have a wonderful visit with your grandma - cant wait to see you experiences in pics.

ceekay said...

You must really be busy. I want to see the chuhuly exhibit, but hubs isn't overly thrilled!
Downsizing could be fun! There might be some treasures that would other wise get thrown out. I love old pieces. Specially kitchen stuff! Have fun and we definately have to get together when your life slows down!

Bonnie said...

Wow. Wow. Oh... and wow. I love Chihuly's work and have ever since I first learned about him up here. He's close by so it's been years since I saw his first works. He is simply amazing with his imagination and in his abilities with glass. What a great way to display his work! Thank you for sharing the pictures. Gorgeous...

Carrie said...

Thanks ever so much for sharing the beautiful vision of Chihuly's marvelous art work. The works are placed very effectively among the desert plants.
God bless you as you take your final exams.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

The glass art is absolutely amazing! They took my breath away. Since I really like the southwest area, I loved the combination with the cacti.

I appreciate each & every comment you have made on my blog & totally understand your "absence" lately! My daughter is studying for SAT,ACT,SAT2,AP exams, & Regents--We'll all breathe easier come the end of June!

zoe said...

Oh my goodness!!! Unbeliverble art work! I am really admire the person who created these beautiful art work:) btw Thanks for your love to come by again and check out you *TeeHee*

Happy Days

Terri and Bob said...

I love this so much. I would love to see this in person but your pictures are the next best thing. How delightful!

Allidink said...

LOL I hope you have some time for yourself and to relax! All that glass art is amazing! I can't believe some of the pieces they are just crazy!

All the best,

alice said...

I've got to get over there before the exhibit closes! Thanks for posting on it- a great reminder to myself to make my reservation!

ScrappinAway said...

WOW! I can't believe that artwork, it absolutely amazing. I wish I could see it in person. Thanks for sharing.

Kris said...

Laura, Thanks for sharing the photos. What an amazing artist. Some of the works reminded me of jellyfish flowing in the ocean. I couldn't possibly pick a favorite as each one had something unique that made it stand out. :)


Glenda said...

Just simply awesome. Would love to see it in person.


Mimi Sue said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful art. Good luck on your finals. Mimi

Ann said...

Amazingly see it personally would really be a visual feast.

Lady Dorothy said...

No need to apologize! I'm amazed at all you are able to do. I'd be stressed out to the max!

You may or may not have noticed I haven't blogged in forever. I've only checked a few of my favorite blogs a few times lately. Life is just full of stuff right now and I can't keep up! :-)

May all you have on your plate go smoothly and successfully and may you enjoy doing every bit of it!

Joy said...

His work is astounding! Thanks for sharing it with us. :o)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Laura,

Thank you for sharing your lovely photos of the exhibition of the Nature of Glass ~ very interesting and I liked seeing the plants in the desert botanical gardens.

You sound to be as busy as a bee!
Take care and best of luck for your exams.


Miss Sandy said...

Amazing art, thank you for sharing. I hope you have time to squeeze in a little rest between the busyness. Congrats on the design jobs.

Praying for expansion of time and energy, organization, and limited interruptions as you meet each challenge and commitment. Blessings of efficiency upon the works of your hands and peaceful blessings upon your heart.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Incredible art and wonderful pictures. Your son is so cute. Thanks for sharing this in spite of your hectic schedule. Good luck on your finals. laurie

TattingChic said...

What a totally awesome outdoor art exhibit. The glass is lovely! Your boy is darling and he took some great photos! :)
Do we a budding photographer here?

perilloparodies said...

very neat!! really love the "marble-y" one!! but then, they are all so unique..

RamblingMother said...

That is awesome artwork. How does the glass stand the heat I wonder. Great pics. Stopping by from SITS.

Jessica said...

Just beautiful! I saw the same exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco and it looks so much better in a natural setting!