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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's a zoo around here!

Ready for a Tuesday Trip?
Here's a little known fact about me. I love aquariums and zoos. I am Decor Doolittle.
Sweet boy loves the zoo too. He's been asking to go to the Wildlife World Zoo on our side of town because they opened up a new aquarium. (Check out those twisty palms!)

Upon entering we received a 2 claws up from a Macaw.

The entrance fee is a wee bit pricey, but given that the zoo also serves as a rescue facility I feel happy knowing that I am helping a one legged bird feel loved.

The other amazing thing about this zoo is how CLOSE you actually are to the animals. I don't have a fancy schmancy camera, the animals are just right THERE! (You can kind of see the fence in the lower right hand side.)

We played peek a boo with a zebra.

Adored this baby camel.

We also went into the petting zoo to "fawn" over the animals.

This llama thought that I was his mama.

We had lunch with the flamingos.

Then took a tram ride.

Relax, there was no "fowl" play, it was only nap time for the joeys.

I wonder what will happen next at Meerkat Manor?

Sometimes it was hard to remember not to touch given that the animals were so close.....

Other times it was not hard at all.

What is your favorite animal at the zoo?


jewelstreet said...

Love those pics! Looks like an awesome place!

My favorite animal is, or is it are, the flamingos. Our zoo is very small and doesn't have many animals. Now, if I go to a zoo that has elephants, it's elephants. :) My daughter would've loved the camels.

Terri and Bob said...

I love giraffes! Ashley and I once got to watch one being born. He would be 15 years old now!

Our nearest zoo is 2 hours away. It was fun to see pictures of you enjoying your mini vacation!

Kristen said...

These photos are wonderful and it looks like you guys had a great time!
The last one still has me laughing!

Linda said...

No matter how old I will get, I always will love the zoo.

~♥~ Monica S said...

LOTS of great pictures here for sure.. I love the zoo too.. unfortunately we don't have any :-(
BUT we did go to a zoo in SPAIN, and saw all kinds of animals.. monkeys are cute!! And funny!! :-)
Especially the little ones!

Thanks for taking us to the zoo today! :-)


heather said...

that's so cool! i love places like that. and my favorite animals too see at the phx zoo are the monkeys. they're so cute.

but my favorite animal (aside from dogs) are elephants. they are so intelligent and their social systems intrigue me.

Shimmy Mom said...

Oh, we love the zoo too. We go at least once a year. (and I absolutely love aquariums) I love your pictures and am so glad you had a good time, but that's a tough question. My son likes the elephants, my daughters like the primates, and I just don't think that I can pick a favorite.

Tracy said...

How fun!! I haven't been to a zoo in years and actually asked the husband if he wanted to go a week or so ago. (he was not so eager but I'll get there soon with or without him!) Favorite animal at the zoo: the giraffe... their beautiful coloring, soft eyes and improbable anatomy really fascinate me.

Barb said...

I love the Zoo as well...when my sons were little we would go all of the time. Love the pictures.

Mildred said...

What a wonderful place to share with your son. That photo of the llama with those sweet eyelashes has to be my favorite.

SHURTER'S :) said...

How funny! We just got back from going to the exact same zoo! We drove down (we live in the white mountains) on sunday and went monday! We had a great time too! I'll post my pics soon!

We loved it all! Giraffes, flamingos, penguins, rhino, lions, tigers, birds, everything! We just love zoos!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Looks like you had a great time together!! :) Wish we had a zoo closer to us...

ceekay said...

You know Laura, we almost went there today - but my doctor won't let me do any walking the day before my scan. So we hope to go next week. we have never been!!

beth at aunties said...

I enjoyed your day at the zoo with your sweet boy, and seeing great weather:-) It is such a great way to build cherished memeories.
Thanks you for your sweet tender comments. I so glad you have your beautiful daughter! Thanks for sharing.


Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

I love baby camels...too cute! It looks like you had fun!

Cheryl said...

thanks for the trip! we went a long time ago and I had forgotten how much they have. What a fun day with your son!

Neabear said...

What great fun! Thank you for taking us along. I so enjoyed the tour.

The White Bench said...

I love giraffe!Once I saw a sloth, and he was soooo cute too!
What a beautiful trip you had!

Edie said...

Oh I love the zoo! I love to see God's creatures. This looks like a great zoo.

Liz said...

Probably the elephants! or giraffes!
Love them...
Have you been to the wild cat zoo on the west side of town ??? That is fun too. Lions and Tigers no bears... OH MY! : )

Cute post!

Maija said...

I haven't been to the new one- how is it compared to the old one? I liked the old one, it was just so dirty!