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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

This is a favorite image of mine. I never cease to grow teary when I view it.
I am deeply indebted to the many men and women who have taken leave of their families, jobs, and daily lives in order to insure my freedom and the freedom of those living in other countries who are unable to fight for themselves.

A few of my favorite veterans are:

Mr. Decor's paternal grandfather, Landen, who was a Marine during the 1930's.

My paternal grandfather, Roy, was stationed in Scotland during WWII.

My grandfather's sister, Mildred, was commander of the WAC squadron at Columbia Army Air Base in Columbia, SC from 1944~1945.

My maternal grandfather, Jack, served in the Navy during WWII. I laid my grandfather to rest on Veteran's Day one year ago. He had the most gorgeous blue eyes, a wonderful sense of humor and is deeply missed.

My father in law, Landen, was a handsome Navy man.

My cousin, Mike, thankfully came back safely from Vietnam and now has a gorgeous horse ranch in the west. It is a beautiful Arts and Crafts styled home, much of it built by Mike himself.

My cousin enlisted in the Army and saw more sand than he would have liked during Desert Storm.

Here's my favorite veteran. He served in Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Operation Allied Force. Sorry ladies, he's ALL mine.

Ret. MSgt. Mr. Decor served 21 years in the Air Force. He was the most decorated man at his retirement ceremony (look at all those ribbons!) which was attended by several high ranking officers. I was blessed to have accompanied him for a portion of his military career.

God Bless America and our troops.


Rachael said...

Thank you so much for that beautiful Veteran's Day tribute and thank your family for their service.

Mary Ellen said...

I am sitting here with tears in my I wish that had all of my family's military photos. Thank you for sharing your family with all of us.
Popcorn.....don't you think that they should revise the food pyramid and have a block just for popcorn....hmmmm, wonder who I contact for that.

heather said...

AMEN! That first picture makes my eyes all misty. Although I don't have quite the family list of service members you do, BOTH of my grandfathers proudly served this country and my patriotism runs deep!

Barbara said...

Is your hubby still active duty. My husband has been in the dessert but he he is currently deployed to south america.

Lorrie said...

A beautiful tribute.


Rue said...

Beautiful post Laura. Please thank your husband for his service for me.


Monica S said...


I couldn't belive the name that popped in on my email list...
Laura Ingalls Gunn... Well, Laura Ingalls was the one that made my eye pop!! She was a character from little house on the prairie!! :-)
A fond childhood memory of mine!

Oh so many good men in your family!
Hope you'll have a good day!

Monica from Norway!

Shimmy Mom said...

Amen! That was a moving tribute. My hubby is also a Veteran and they all deserve a huge THANK YOU. God bless them all.

HiHoOhio said...

What an incredible tribute, excellent job and thank you

Liz said...

Laura! What a great history of service. I had a lump in my throat when I was reading it. You should be VERY proud!

Cheryl said...

What an inspiring post! A wonderful way to honor your veterans! I am so impressed, thank you for the glimpse.

Kim said...

My wonderful grandpa (named Jack, too) was also in the Navy in WWII.

FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh.. this was a beautiful post!!!! Thank YOU for sharing!!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

I love your blog and the recognition of the veterans moved me greatly..thanks for reminding us...all my best, Jennifer

Susan said...

Hugs to you!! Thank you and all your favorite vets for honoring our country by serving. I am a mother of a US Marine!!! Semper Fi, Always Faithful!!!

French said...

Laura~ I am so touched by your post and you know how I share your patriotism; my father sends his best to you & Eric on this day, and looks forward to seeing you this weekend. How can we pay tribute to our servicemen, beyond this one day each year? Our gratitude is heavy.

xxoo A