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Monday, November 24, 2008


Have you decided how you are going to set your Thanksgiving table? The elements for a naturally beautiful table might just be found in your own backyard.

I love this simple centerpiece that starts with a wire basket. Begin with a bit of florist foam and cover it with moss, make sure to dampen it, but not saturate it. Add a few roses, bittersweet and sunflowers then fill in the spaces with artichokes and gourds.

Bittersweet can be found rather inexpensively at the florist if you don't come across it growing naturally. It also makes a delightful napkin ring.

A perfect way to involve the kids (and get them out from underfoot) is a pine cone hunt. Perhaps have a prize ready for the person that collects the most. While out searching they can also collect a few leaves. You can add names onto the leaves with a gold pen for another type of place card. The possibilities are endless.

Aren't these fun centerpieces? Although real pumpkins are used in this photo, you can purchase floral foam that is round. Cover it with the flower of your choice and add a stem or twig. A raffia bow would also add a special touch.

I also love using mini pumpkins as sweet votive holders.

Another great way to add candlelight is to surround a dish of candles or small clear glass votive with a natural element such as birdseed, dried corn or the bean of your choice.

I adore acorns. There is just something so sweet about their little caps. This is a simple but elegant way to dress up your napkin. Don't worry if one is missing a nut, you can just hot glue in a pearl or other pretty bead.

So take a walk and see what you can find. If you smile and ask nicely you might even get a neighbor to share the bounty in their yard.


Mildred said...

What lovely decorating ideas. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

KDLOST said...

love the pumpkin votives and the pearl/acorn napkin ring idea!! good stuff!

~♥~ Monica S said...

So many great ideas!!! :-)
I have never seen those nuts in real life over here.. what kind of tree carry them??

Thanks for sharing!


heather said...

SUCH cute ideas.... I especially like those flower pumpkins.

Blue Castle said...

I love the flower-covered pumpkins! And the votives. So many great ideas here. Thank you. :)

Carrie said...

Lovely ideas for setting a table with seasonal decor elements.

Lorrie said...

Beautiful decorating ideas. Thanks for the note about the parcel...I'll let you know when it arrives.

Blessings to you for Thanksgiving.


Shimmy Mom said...

Beautiful ideas. I'm going to have to try some of them.

Lady Dorothy said...

A great bunch of beautiful ideas! Thank you!

I actually bought a flowered-covered pumpkin this year. It is all fake, though. It is, however, one of my favorite new things!

I also have a rake hanging in my entry way. I use it for a key holder. You've reminded me of two new things to blog about. Thanks for the inspiration!

Melony at Whimsy Daisy! said...

What absolutely beautiful ideas! I am pinecone rich, but bittersweet poor. I will have to take a walk and see what I can come up with!

cottage farm villa (aka cottagecharm) said...

These are such great ideas! I decided today that I am getting rid of most of my "stuff" for Christmas and only decorate from now on with natural things. Pine garlands, berries, flowers, candles, pine cones etc. I love the simple elegance of fruits, nuts, and living plants for the holidays! The pumpkin & flowers is beautiful! And sunflowers are my favorite along with roses! Have a wonderful holiday....and thank you for your comment on my blog. You are sweet! ~Cheryl

Carrie said...

Just stopping by again to let you know about the holiday giveaway on my nativity blog.

Here’s the link:

Elizabeth said...

I love a table done w/ natural elements; thanks for sharing these ideas.
Have a wonderful holiday!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Really good job on everything! All of it is magazine worthy...I love the rake idea!

Cheryl said...

I just love your blog- Have a Great Thanksgiving!

Glenda said...

These are all great ideas.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving


Barbara said...

this is beautiful! I love tablescapes.

Paula said...

Great ideas! I love the pumpkin covered in flowers. I will have to remember that for next year.

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Laura..How do you do it???? There is an infinite number of great ideas on this page alone...Love your Thanksgiving table!!