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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Little Old Lady from Pasadena/Friday Freebie

It was a perfect day in Pasadena last Saturday. I arrived in the morning at the Gamble House to insure that I would be able to purchase a ticket to view the home. While waiting for my tour to start I decided I would take the advice of Joni from Cote de Texas and Melissa of The Inspired Room and do a walk by of neighborhood homes.

I love how this bright red door just pops against this grey exterior with white and black trim.
This house with the gabled roof and diamond window panes was begging me to live in it.
Isn't this one of the best garages you have ever seen? The river rock and brick is perfectly combined.

The gardens surrounding this Spanish Colonial home were absolutely lovely.

I had heard that there was a Frank Lloyd Wright home in the neighborhood and as I began to approach these gates I instantly knew I had arrived.

But it was so sad! Whoever is living here is not loving this home. It was almost impossible to see the home due to the overgrowth. But perhaps, that is exactly what the owners desire.
The house itself is concrete and very Aztec in feel. The window was classic FLW style.

I also met the little old lady from Pasadena. While I was taking a picture of this home I noticed her in the doorway waving to me. I put on my best smile and waved right back. Can you see her? I loved the rounded entry of her doorway.

There were also several walking paths throughout the neighborhood. I decided to take one.

I was rewarded by views such as this:

Now onto Friday Freebie.

This week's Friday Freebie has a creative theme. It includs two books for paper crafts, a bag of yummy fall candy, and two bags containing old buttons, sewing notions, and a bit of lace. If this speaks to you, leave me a comment. I will select a winner on Monday.
UPDATE: Using the Random Number Generator Lorrie from Fabric Paper Thread has won the giveaway. Congratulations Lorrie!

UPDATE: Using the Random Number Generator, Lorrie from Fabric Paper Thread has won the giveaway. Congratulations Lorrie!


Mildred said...

What a lovely tour of homes and the walking trail is beautiful. That is too funny about the lady waving to you! The Friday freebie is most enticing - the books look like something you could get lost in for hours. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

jewelstreet said...

Ooh, I want! lol. The freebie and the houses.

Thanks so much for the tour. I've never seen a group of such lovely homes. How funny that I just checked out a book on Frank Lloyd Wright houses!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Wow, those are some gorgeous homes! And that garage is AMAZING! Thanks for the mention! Always so fun to go on Drive Bys!

Happy day,

Liz said...

Oh La La! It speaks to me! : )

Such pretty homes! Thanks for sharing your walk with us!


Sally Hackney said...

Hi Laura, please enter me in the freebie drawing. I love buttons. I enjoyed your pictures of Pasedena. Have a good day.

Lorrie said...

Oh yes, those lovely giveaway items speak to me...such wonderful goodies.

Isn't walking just the best way to really see the neighborhood? Looks like you hit a great area!


Cathleen Farrell said...

Beautiful Pictures of Lovely Pasadena! It is the home of the Rose Parade, but has always been a true gem rich in history. Thank you for the beautiful post! :-)

Shimmy Mom said...

Love, love, love that neighborhood. I've always wanted to live in a beautiful old house. Unfortunately all the ones in my price range look like they are about to fall down. And I do love that garage. How creative some people are. I won last week so don't enter me in this Freebie Friday.

Jill Elaine said...

love the walkbys!
the sewing stuff would fit right in around here!
Have a great weekend!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Oh I ADORES old houses... I could walk in old neighborhoods forever!!!!

Sign me up for the freebie!!

Lil Knitter said...

I really enjoyed the tour...lovely homes. I'm still trying to figure out if that path is crooked or if it's just me. :P
Buttons? Candy? Okay, count me in!

perilloparodies said...

What a fun give-away. Speaks to me, hope it is okay to enter... and, lovely houses... Love that garage!!! and how neat to have gone to the Wright home!!! Seems that you have accomplished quite a lot on this trip... :-)

emily said...

What a great tour of the beautiful houses! I also love the bold red front door of the house!

Mary Ellen said...

Thank you for sharing your walk about.......I too love looking at homes and dreaming...wouldn't it be fun to be able to go inside each of these homes and look.
What a wonderful Friday Freebie.....The books have really caught my interest.

heather said...

Walking/ driving through neighborhoods like that is one of my favorite things to do.

Felicia Eis said...

Oooo fun freebie :)

Such beautiful homes!!! I can't wait until I get a home of my own ::sigh::!!!!!!

Glenda said...

This is a dream neighborhood. I would be proud to call any of these home my own.
Thank you so much for taking us on your walk.


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Enjoyed your walk by. I love to look at homes.

Priscila said...

oh my gosh! those houses are like somethhing out of the secret garden! I would feel like I had to talk in an english accent just to walk around by them haha ! Love your frebies! I love lace and buttons!!

niartist said...

I too loved the gray with the white trim, but that beautiful garage (stone with the wood doors) BEAUTIFUL! It reminds me of Casa Loma, in Toronto, CA. Definitely look pictures of that one up. Lots of winding trails like those you took such great pictures of! Ooo, and you've got giveaways too! You're so sweet! Take good care!

Cheryl said...

Hi Laura! What a fun walking tour you enjoyed! Count me in for your Friday Freebie!

Christine said...

Thank you so much for sharing your tour. What amazing homes. Please count me in on your wonderful Friday Freebie..

Thanks for sharing.

Have a great weekend.


southerninspiration said...

Oh, I want to be on that walk with YOU!! How beautiful! And your giveaway is pretty darn cool, too! I do love the different personalities of the houses....not little toy soldiers all lined up!

KDLOST said...

oh i do i do i do love it! pick meee! :)


sehr schön!

Tea Time With Melody said...

Hi Laura, If I could get paid, I would tour houses all day long. Love to see new decorating ideas of the past and present. There is so much personality in a home. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your blog everytime I stop by.


Tea Time With Melody said...

Hi Laura, If I could get paid, I'd could spend all day touring houses, lol. Homes have so much rich history and are the one thing that is unique. You can have a tract of houses that are the same floor plan but each will be uniquely decorated. So much personality. Thanks for sharing, I enjoy your blog each time I visit. (thought I posted a comment but didn't see it so hope this is not a duplicate)

Cheryl said...

I've always loved pasadena, thank you for your detailed up close look again!

Mimi Sue said...

Such gorgeous homes in Pasadena. Mimi

Blissful Nikki said...

wow! look at all of that eye candy!! :)

By the way, I am having a giveaway on my blog! I would love for your to stop by and check it out! :)

linda t said...

Oooh, I love give-aways!!

Thanks for taking us along on your home tour.
I love old homes... we don't see those kinds of homes here in Phoenix.

southerninspiration said...

Thanks for leaving "bloggy love" on my comments of my blog! Have a great day!

Sandra Evertson said...

Thank you for the lovely tour!
Sandra Evertson

Lilith Silvermane said...

What a pretty neighborhood! It would be a blessing to see those and just feel the comfort of the large trees surrounding you.

Thanks for the tour!

Kitty Scraps said...

Such beautiful homes, FANTASTIC tour, thank you for sharing it with us!
And your giveaway definitely speaks to me *smiles*

Cote de Texas said...

What beautiful houses - I sort of know that area - I think! we once to went a UT football game in the Rose Bowl and had to park a million miles away and walk by all these gorgeous houses. It was so much fun, except that I had a hurt foot! great drive by -!!!!


Donna@designson47thstreet said...

What a fun walking tour of beautiful homes. Did that lady waving see you taking pictures?

I hope I'm not to late to entry in the drawing.

Monica S said...

Hi Laura

I would have loved taking that walk with you!!! So many lovely houses! I just simply loved that garage.. I always liked rocks/stones... Wish I had a big enough house to have that in my livingroom (around the fireplace..)

Hope you had a wonderful time!

Monica (norway)

PCarriker said...

How fun to look at these lovely homes! I'm touring blogs and found my way here:-) A lovely stop!

Miss Sandy said...

What grand tour you had!