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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Arts & Crafts Interiors

The Arts and Crafts movement began in the late 19th century. It was brought about by the thoughts of John Ruskin and William Crane who supported social reform. They believed that good design was linked to a good society.
Their thinking influenced designer William Morris. An exterior photo of his home The Red House, was shown in last Monday's post. Below are a few photo's of homes interior.

Everything in the home was handcrafted. A beautiful wooden settle (bench) sits in the main hall. Lovely artwork is painted across the top by Edward Burne~ Jones. Burne~Jones also helped Morris in the creation of several stained glass pieces throughout the home.

The flooring was red tile and Morris favored built in cupboards in every room. Morris believed that the hearth is truly the heart of the home and that is why you often find fireplaces in almost every room of an Arts & Crafts styled home.

All the furniture in The Red House was beautifully handcrafted of wood. Upholstery was either made of leather or featured tapestry inspired patterns designed by Morris. Here are a few examples:

What makes The Gamble House in Pasadena such a masterpiece is that it was built and furnished completely in the Arts and Crafts Style, and never again updated. Although central heat and air were later added, the decor and style of the home never changed. Talk about built to last!

This is the main staircase near the front entry. All woodwork in the home was done by the Hall brothers, Peter and John.

Even the original lighting exists. It was never updated and provides a lovely warm glow throughout the home.

In the main dining room you see the Arts and Crafts influence in the built in cupboards, the hearth, beautiful stained glass and a Morris inspired carpet.

Here is a close up of the built in buffet and stained glass windows.

The kitchen was lovely in its simplicity. To the rear left was a small sun room where the household staff would take their meals.

On of my favorite rooms was that of maiden Aunt Julia. Her room was awash in natural light and attached to a sleeping porch.

While much of the furniture in the Gamble home was crafted by the Hall brothers, other pieces were purchased from Gustav Stickley. Stickley made furniture of native oak that featured exposed joinery and clean lines. It came to be known as Mission Styled Furniture. Stickley also published The Craftsman, a monthly periodical which covered elements of the English and American Arts and Crafts movement. Stickley furniture is still made today and antique pieces such as the Morris chair below can run several thousand dollars.

Also in the Gamble home were several Tiffany lamps. Louis Comfort Tiffany came from the famous silver making family. While traveling to Europe he became friends with Emile Galle. Upon his return to the states he turned his focus to creating his now famous handmade stained glass lamps. His father, Charles Lewis Tiffany of course continued making silver. Tiffany lamps became synonymous with Arts & Crafts style. I absolutely love his blue dragonfly lamp.

May you be inspired to create something lovely!


jewelstreet said...

The Arts and Crafts movement is one of my favorites! I want an Arts and Crafts house. They are always so warm and inviting I think.

Btw, those stairs are simply amazing!

perilloparodies said...

Looks like a house I would LOVE to explore detail by detail!!! wow! such possibilities for inspiration, love the mish mash of colors... nice post

KDLOST said...

I love your pics. They always brighten my day! These are stunning!!

heather said...

I really want to go see that place in person. Its so beautiful! I love the stained glass and the wood work.

Monica S said...

Ah.. LOVED the lamp!!!
I thought that door was fascinating... Looked really fun, but maybe a little too fun for my home ;-) hehe! I think I'll keep my all white one. But it was really cute!!and stylish in a way!


Lorrie said...

I am so torn between all the lovely wood and the urge to paint it white or grey or some other lovely color. Wood is so beautiful. We've really moved away from it in our day, haven't we?
My husband makes furniture and cringes whenever I suggest painting it. Sigh. We have a lot of wood in our house.


Elizabeth said...

I love the Gamble House, it is a place I would love to see if I ever get to CA.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh good, I was able to get on to your blog. Earlier I couldn't and I thought maybe you made it private.

I love that house. The Arts and Crafts style homes are so pretty. I think they always feel so cozy and welcoming.

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I hope all goes well and there is a full recovery. I will keep her in my prayers.


Miss Sandy said...

Oh to have a fireplace in every room! All those warm and wonderful woods, sigh! The master craftsmanship in this home is amazing! A rare gem that it had not been updated or changed. Thanks so much for sharing the tour and all the details.

Tracy said...

Nice blog & pics, Laura. William Morris patterns and colors will always make me want to wallpaper and reupholster everything I own. Once upon a time, when I was decorating my new house with an eye toward Craftsman style, I used patterns like that and "Tiffany" lamps and such. But then, as always, the Country French came out and took over and stuck. All the Craftsman stuff went away except for one reproduction Stickley-type recliner that I bought for my husband. As a wedding gift. So he'll NEVER replace it. Nice that he's so sentimental and all but it's always going to need help to "blend". Any suggestions?
Thanks again!

Monica S said...

Hi Laura!

I have something waiting for you over at my blog!


Liz said...

Great tour!

Loved the lamp and seeing all of the rooms. I really liked the kitchen...

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Laura, I'm so happy you were chosen for the Eiffel tower lamp! Email me with your info so I can get your lamp heading your way.

I've enjoyed your homes tour. It brought back memories of, when hubby and I lived in So Cal. We were in Glendale. located around the corner from Pasadena. Our street address... Chevy Chase Drive! We took weekend drives up Chevy Chase to see the breathtaking architecture on the homes that lined the street.

I've been franticlly preparing for a show I have on the 29th. I'm exhausted already and I haven't started on the Thanksgiving menu...YIKES!

Sweet Wishes,

Mildred said...

What lovely pictures. I would never want to leave!

Carrie said...

Tha Gamble House interiors are so harmonious. It's very intriguing to look at the details of the design.