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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Are you ready for the big day? This is a surprise display on our formal dining room table that will greet my children when they come home from school. I found the vintage inspired noisemakers at Home Goods last July. They are stuck into glass vases of candy corn, which is a family favorite.

Most of the day I will be at my son's school giving an art lesson to his classmates, helping with the costume parade and the afternoon party. This was our photo from last year.

After school, we'll come home and stuff the small goody bags for our close friends that come to visit tonight. This year we are handing out a Martha Stewart inspired broomstick bag. Instead of the twig shown in the photo, I am going to use a large pretzel stick. I made the bags by placing a bag into the shredder and then quickly hitting the reverse button. (Please do not let your children do this.)

Last year we saved our toilet paper rolls and quickly filled them with a few toys and candy and rolled them up in orange tissue and then tied the ends closed with pipe cleaners curled around a pencil. J'adore!

My husband has been gone all week long on a business trip. I thought it might be fun to cover his favorite chair (shown in B H & G) as a surprise. We'll use our dachshund Rudi as the accent dog. :)

Mr. Decor is normally the chief pumpkin carver in our home. As he will arrive home from his trip just in time for trick or treating, we'll do something a bit different this year. A small fact about me is that I absolutely loathe scooping pumpkin "guts" out. I liked this idea and we still have tons of beads leftover from the pirate party we had last month...

My favorite form of recycled Halloween decor is to line the driveway with these cute tin can luminaries.

In our kitchen I will begin setting the table by first covering it with a large piece of burlap I bought at Joanne's. This is a wonderfully inexpensive cloth that comes in a wide range of colors. I like the neutral shade.

As the cloth is loosely woven I just fringed the ends by pulling out a few threads. For another look, I LOVE this burlap cloth featured in Country Home that has darling rick rack trim at the hem and uses recycled license plate pieces as tablecloth weights. Perfect for a breezy alfresco dinner.

Isn't this floral foam ball covered in marigolds a fantastic centerpiece?

My all time favorite fall centerpiece is using a carved out funkin, placing a mason jar full of water inside and adding some great Trader Joe's flowers.

The 2008 Decor to Adore adorable Halloween craft award goes to... Eddie Ross. He is a brilliant set designer and made these darling "doilies" by cutting out black construction paper (think paper snowflake) and covering them in glitter. I made four place mat sized spiderwebs.

As it is a busy night, I will be serving a quick and easy dinner of mummified hotdogs accompanied by boiling blood (homemade tomato soup).

We'll also have skull head pears. I like to place them flat on a plate and use black decorating gel for the features. (Less candy is a good thing on this night.)

Have a spooktacular evening!


Mildred said...

This is an absolutely adorable post. I would like to come home to all those goodies! I wish Rudi could visit Harriet this evening to receive one of our doggie treat bags (filled of course with all her favorite treats) and I could wish you all Happy Halloweiner! Have fun.

Kelly said...

Well Halloween is all done here! Just 3 days before our vacation, a new request was put in for a Halloween costume. Normally I'd have said no way, but after hearing who he wanted, and because he'd pulled it from a book. I gave in.

So after a crazy afternoon and evening of sewing last night, (with no real pattern! No Joanne's in Okinawa!) Davy Crockette had a great time! And he looked awesome! Pictures to follow on my blog.

Tell Super Kiddo to have a great time! Looking forward to pictures.

And don't torment the dog too much!

Miss you!


heather said...

You have the cutest ideas and where do they all come from?? Those pears -genius. WHo thought of that? You?? And the broomstick bags. and the toilet paper rolls. I can't wait to read you at Christmas. :)

jewelstreet said...

Wow! Such awesome ideas. You're like the Martha Stewart of bloggyland. said...

GREAT pictures! Have a Happy Halloween.



Bevie said...

I love all your goodies, and noticed your black pug. I have one too, actually two but the other one is fawn. Aren't they just the best dogs??? Now to find you in the group I belong too so I can add you as friend..eheheh!!

The Berry's Patch said...

Wow, you go all out for Halloween. My kids get leftovers Happy Halloween! :-)

Her Shabbiness said...

Looks like Halloween is going to be blast at your place. I love the mummified hot dogs - my kids would get a kick out those.
Happy Halloween!!

Shimmy Mom said...

I want to come stay at your house. It looks like tons fun. Wonderful ideas. It all looks great!
Happy Halloween!

Shimmy Mom said...

Laura, I saw that you won a prize on April Showers. Congrats. You don't need to post this comment, I just know that she doesn't usually announce things except on her blog. So if you didn't happen to stop by there before Monday, you wouldn't get it.

Maija said...

have so many clever ideas, Laura! Have fun tonight!!

Mimi Sue said...

Love those hot dog mummies. My grand kids will love them. Are the pears dipped in white dipping chocolate. They're adorable. Happy Halloween to you and your family. Mimi

Elizabeth said...

Laura, These are all such awesome ideas! I love Eddie's spider webs, too. What did you think of him being cut from TD? I like what he does, but as far as the contest goes, I found that he never really surprised me. I hope Ondine and Nathan don't blow it, they're both interesting, but also inconsistent.


ha ha! everything loooks fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!! you are so creative!!!!

karen said...

OHHH MYYY this is so awesome. Hope you all had fun.

Jorgelina said...

Happy halloween!!
Wonderful ideas.
Very fun.

Bobbi Jo said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I just was looking at your profile and saw that you live in Arizona. I live in Queen Creek.
I love your blog and I am going to go read more now. Have a great Saturday! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Priscila said...

GREAT GREAT GREAT IDEAS! Im in a couple swaps and will be making some of those toliet paper roll favors...:) Those are fun!

Julie said...

What a wonderful post. It was fun!

Rue said...

Hi Laura :)

It looks like you had a fabulous Halloween. Loved the mummified hot dogs and skull pears :)


Brenda said...

What a wonderful day and night. Everything is just beautiful.

Joanne Kennedy said...

I can't get over all the great ideas you have and how much fun your house must be for the holidays!

Great job! I bet everyone thinks you are the fun mom they all wish they had!


Julie said...

Everything looks great. Nice blog :)