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Friday, September 19, 2008

Healing Havens part 3

This is part three in the "Healing Havens" series acknowledging September as Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.

For this healing haven a great room was selected. My friend and ovarian cancer survivor Marge spends many hours in this room reading, playing games, and watching tv. As she had recently moved into the home she desired to put her personality into the room.

This was a BEFORE shot.

In the AFTER shot you can see a dresser that was brought in from the garage as well as other furniture that was rearranged.

Another BEFORE shot of the same room.

In the AFTER shot you can see the use of a favorite chair and artwork to create a cozy reading corner.

In volunteering to create Healing Havens for those battling or surviving ovarian cancer I have received more than I will ever give. I have been blessed with eternal friendship with strong, funny, wonderful and above all, wise women like the wonderful Marge.

Marge's story may be unlike anything you have ever heard before. Several years ago Marge had a hysterectomy. Years later she had some of the Ovarian Cancer warning signs but didn't think about it due to her prior surgery. After several tests she learned that she indeed had ovarian cancer. How is this possible you might ask? Each month as an egg bursts through the ovary towards the fallopian tube there are ovarian cells that are also released into other areas that surround the female reproductive organs. It is possible for these cells to become cancerous later on.

In creating Healing Havens I have been provided with an opportunity to obtain knowledge such as this that could someday save my life or the life of someone I love.

For additional information on the quiet warning signs of ovarian cancer please visit the NOCC website.


The Berry's Patch said...

The room looks much more pleasing. I love the corner with the chair and lamp. That would be my favorite spot. What a great thing you do for these Cancer survivors. :-)

Shimmy Mom said...

Thank you for the story. And the wonderful work you do. I'm sure that they appreciate it so much!

Miss Sandy said...

Your "after" designs look so pleasant and comfortable! Thank you for sharing your knowledge not only of design but of the serious issue of ovarian cancer. Blessings on your weekend my friend!

laura gunn said...

Hello, I just had to chime in because I got an email today from someone who thought I was you. We have the same name!!!! And I'm an artist/designer with a blog. So funny. You had won something on her giveaway. Anyhow, it cracked me up.

Julie said...

Mrs. Laura, thanks for telling this story. My SIL went through this last year.
She is doing wonderfully this year, but last year was pretty scary.

FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh I absolutely LOVE your blog!!! It's beautiful!!! and congrats to Your wonderful friend!!!!

Mimi Sue said...

You did a great job rearranging. Much more cozy and personal. You've got the touch! Mimi

Liz said...

Thanks for using your blog as a ministry. "It's a good thing"

: )