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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sew, how are you?

I am feeling the pressure to get a few items crossed off of my "to do" list. I will soon be returning to school and my free time will then be minimal. I have wanted to make some curtains to hide an open shelf in my laundry room. I had some extra fabric left over from my bedroom project. (Which I will be showing you soon.) I think this solution works for now.
I can pull the curtains all the way closed, but left them open a smidge so that you could get an idea of the boring before.

As a decorator I am surrounded by fabric. I generally have a bit of fabric left over from client projects as well as fabric books that contain swatches that are no longer available. For the life of me I cannot bring myself to toss such loveliness out. Each summer I come up with an idea of how I can use the fabric to create holiday gifts for my clients and friends. In past years I have made wine/cider bags, candle bags, and muffin mix bags. This year I decided to make lavender sachet bags.

After the bag are filled and hand sewn shut, I will embellish them with a few trinkets and ribbons. I try to make sure each client receives their own original fabric.

My next sewing project will be two pillows for a settee in my bedroom. This is a very old piece of silk that has been hand embroidered. Pictures do not do it justice. It was part of the treasures that I brought home from my grandma's house.

Here is a close up of the stitching. The back is almost as pretty as the front. The triangular piece will become an envelope flap for an 18 inch pillow.

This pretty piece of cotton voile was hand embroidered by a young girl. When she joined the pieces together, the top line was placed upside down. I think this adds to its charm. I am going to make a kidney pillow out of it.

What do you do with your fabric finds?

A big "Merci Beaucoup" to Celita from The Spices of Life blog.

She has bestowed the "Wylde Women Award" onto me. The purpose of the award is "To send love and acknowledgment to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy."

I have to say that this award gave me a wee small lump in my throat. Thank you very much!


Mildred said...

I love your laundry room curtain and all the sachet bags. The hand embroidered silk is really intricate and will be a lovely pillow. I love to find sheer handkerchiefs or scarfs at thrift stores to make sachet bags for dried roses and herbs. The colors of the roses are attractive showing through the fabric.

Barbara H. said...

Those laundry curtains are charming! And so are the little sachet bags. I have trouble throwing away scraps, too, but I have never come up with anything so nice to do with them.

The two embroidered pieces are lovely. I have to ask, though -- what is a kidney pillow? I am assuming a little pillow you place behind your back while sitting.

Maison Douce said...

Your laundry room curtains are very sweet!! And I would love to see those pillows in your settee!!

Liz said...

I love the fabric that you used in your laundry room! Very pretty! What a great idea about the samples. I'm sure your friends will love them.

If you don't mind I am going to put you on my list of blogging favs. Your blog is so pretty and I seem to check it pretty often. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Scrappy Jessi said...

ooohh everything is just darling!!

Shimmy Mom said...

Wonderful Ideas. I really like the curtains in your laundry room.

Congratulations on your award. That one is an amazing one. Way to go.

Cece said...

I'm easy, I make handkercheif holder. I loved your idea about the curtain...I might have to steel that;)

vintagebella ~ andrea said...

cute stuff! I love the curtains!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

oh are a busy girl!!Your juices must be flowing having been inspired by your trip...those notes will come in all the inspiration on your blog...Jennifer