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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Favorite Things

Cindy from My Romantic Home is hosting "Our Favorite Things".

Cindy thought it would be fun to see favorite collections, vignettes, or one big item. It has to be a material thing not a person. (I smiled at that.)
This was a challenge for me. I am very blessed to have many, many favorite things. My favorite things also change from day to day. But hands down the item that I have loved for several years now, and it continues to be a favorite, is our antique Belgian China Hutch.

The hutch itself was purchased while we lived in Germany. It is part of a set that includes a sideboard and a gorgeous table and 6 chairs. I searched for three years in numerous flea markets, bazaars and antique shops before coming home one Saturday and announcing to Mr. Decor, "The search is over, I have found the object of our desire." (Don't you love the "our desire" part?) His heartwarming response was "How much?" I then said, "Well, you know how I have been looking for 3 YEARS, and we are soon set to move back to the U.S. where I just know we would pay three times what they are asking." His reply, "How much?" To which I said, "May I add that you will not have to buy me a birthday, anniversary, Valentine, Mother's Day or get out of the doghouse gift for five years." Being the smart man that he is, Mr. Decor picked up his wallet and keys and came home loving the set as much as I did.

The items filling the hutch are favorites too. I collected each piece of English transferware one by one. Transferware is available in blue (which is the most popular) green, brown, red (also known as pink) and a combination of the colors.
While all of my pieces are red and white, most pieces feature a different scene as they are from many different companies. I generally paid no more than 5 euro (Around $4.50 at the time) for each piece. Some of the most rare pieces are the children's china (pictured).
The hutch also contains my husbands red glass hurricane candle lamps that belonged to his great aunt and my maternal grandparents wedding crystal. I accented a few of the shelves with vintage and antique handkerchiefs that have amazing lace and embroidery.
What is your favorite thing?


Liz said...

Hi Laura,
Love your favorite! I had a hard time picking just one to. Wasn't that a great idea that Cindy had?
I posted a comment to your comment about the store where I got the "vintage type fabric". It was a store
called S.A.S on 19th Ave South of Peoria...

Maybe I'll get around to making those pillows next weekend.... LOL

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Wow, that is beautiful! Very beautiful! I love the red transferware in there too! Thanks for joining in. I added you to the list.

linda t said...

Oh, I love it!
Great story!
Love your dishes too.
Hey, I noticed Jaime Rose on your sidebar... are you from Arizona?
I live in Tempe. We might be neighbors.
I will be back to read your past posts!

lisa said...

What a beautiful hutch, I can only imagine that the whole set is as amazing. Your china is beautiful as well.


Debbie said...

It was so hard for me to comment as I still wanted to oggle this lovely piece. Beautiful find and I just loved your story of how you nailed it. Glad your honey likes it too!

Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...

This is beautiful !

Transferware is one of my favorites as well. My sister collected the brown. She loves it as old as dirt as she calls it.


paintinpatti said...

Oh Laura, your red tranferware is stunning. How neat that you bought it while living in Germany. And, finding the entire dining set and bringing it home is so romantic. I liked the story you told your hubby the best!

ceekay said...

I can understand why it is a favorite. It is beautiful and very unique. Thanks for showing it. Have a wonderful weekend.

Jannet said...

First, thank you for stopping by my Blog and posting that sweet comment!
I Love your hutch and the story behind it, sounds like me and
I collect Red transferware too and you have a very beautiful collection. I have
never heard of the children's china (and you do mention they are rare).
Have a lovely weekend, Jannet

Party Wishes SCV said...

I love your red toile dishes! I have some displayed in my family room. Just lovely!

The Berry's Patch said...


I'm still laughing at your conversation with your husband over the hutch. It sounds so familiar. It's a beautiful piece. I can see why it's your favorite. I'll have to check out the post.

Brandee :-)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

What a beautiful piece! Mr. Decor was a smart man, love that.

Beautiful dishes, too!

Happy weekend,

emily said...

Hi Laura!!

I am loving your china hutch! The transfer dishes are gourgous!! Thanks for stopping by to see mine! I look forward to reading more of your blog!


My Thrifty Victorian Home said...

That is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! What a beautiful display and a great collection! I would just love to have that in my house. An easy pick for a favorite thing!

Rachel* said...

What a beautiful hutch. I love all the red dishes in it also. Thank you bunches for stopping and commenting!
p.s. i love the name of your blog! very cute!! (:

Angie said...

wow...that is such an amazing piece..i can why you wanted it so! and your transferware is so lovely! you put it all together just it!


Joyce on her Justified Journey said...

I love your hutch and the transferware looks beautiful in it. The piece is just stunning! Very nice.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Beautiful piece of furniture.
Thank you for stopping by.

Marianne said...

Thank you for leaving a comment at my blog. No, I am not Swedish. Wouldn't mind though, Sweden is a lovely country. I am Dutch. I live in the "deep" South near the border with Germany (25km from Aachen).
I love your hutch and I adore your transfer ware. It is on my wish list. Not a whole service just a few cups and saucers to add to my collection.
Take care,

Marina Capano said...

Hi! Nice to meet you! ahhhh!!! I love so very much Laura Ingalls and The Litle house on the praire.
I am interior designer in Argentina. Well I will add you blog in my list!

great post!
see you soon
visit me anytime...

Idaho Quilter said...

I love your China cabinet, and the contents. I would love to see the table and chairs too.

Myrna said...

That hutch is gorgeous!!
And your a girl after my own heart-- I LOVE transfer-ware--especially the red, although I call it pink because it goes so well with all my colors..

Diane said...

Definitely a beauty. The red and white transferware is gorgeous in it, too. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog Pinecones & Roses. Diane

Legacies For You said...

A fabulous antique find and beautiul focal point. Getting ready for my next auction trip this week, I will remember your comments to your husband if I find one of those "have to have" treasures that I will have to have my husband come to transport home! Of course, I also love your china and believe that you can never have enough sets to mix and match for dinner parties and for display in your home. Thanks so much for stopping past my blog and will check back with your postings in the future.

CONNIE said...

Hi, Laura, thanks for stopping by @ my place. It's really nice meeting you.

What a great story! I always love transferwares. Mine is blue and I'm still collecting them little by little.

Your blogs looks pretty. I always love green!

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Mr. Decor, lol... great story! I don't blame you a bit, I'd give up 5 years of holiday gifts too!
The transfer ware and crystal are TDF.
(Thanks for the lemon oil tip!)

Kasey said...

great favs!

vintagebella ~ andrea said...

Oh I have lots of favorite things! I love the hutch ,it's beautiful!

Joy said...

Quite a stately and beautiful piece of furniture. And the story was great too. :o)

Jamie said...

Your hutch is gorgeous! What a nice hubby you have. And I love the red transferware!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I loved your suggestion of using silver mercury orbs on the metal stand. Any suggestions on where I can get some?

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Beautiful! I love all the transferware. No wonder it's a fave of yours. Simply beautiful.
Thanks for coming by to say "hi".
Enjoy your day!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Laura,
Your hutch is very unique and beautiful. The red transfer ware and hutch really compliment each other.
Have a great day,

Her Shabbiness said...

The antique Belgian china hutch is gorgeous. You have a nice collection of the red and white Transferware. I was just admiring some the other day in a magazine. You don't see it much, like you said the blue and white seems to be the most popular. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm enjoying my visit to yours!

Shimmy Mom said...

No wonder that's your favorite thing it is absolutely Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.

Carla said...

What a pretty, curvy piece of furniture and how wonderful that it's part of a set. Your red and white transferware is gorgeous. I collect blue and white transferware and I think the red and white is my second favorite color combination.

Joy said...

Beautiful! I love the transferware and the hutch too!

Carrie said...

Your hutch is beautiful and your transferware collection is displayed very well.

Suzie said...

Love, love, love your transferware! I have been collecting red&wite for about 6 years now. My goal is to be able to host a dinner party for 12 with enough transferware for every place setting! I can serve 5 right now!