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Friday, June 6, 2008

Gold flatware

This morning I sit here writing to you while drinking my tea out of the loveliest of cups. Yesterday our postman brought me a package from Miss Sandy of Quill Cottage. I had won her most recent giveaway. Can I tell you what joy and memories this brought for me?

The package included a lovely plate with a Sevres porcelain image, and a delightful cup and saucer featuring a thatched roof cottage to remind me of my trips to England. There was also a small sweet picture that will get tucked into one of my many bookcases. My favorite however was the beautiful gold flatware teaspoon tucked into a vintage hanky. I truly feel like Queen Victoria herself this morning.

It is amazing how such small things can bring about warm memories. This one teaspoon that I received made me recall visits to an elderly neighbor when I was a little girl. Mrs. Thelma Gibson was quite the lady and loved to entertain. Even a visit by a little girl warranted putting out a tea set and tablecloth. These items I cannot specifically recall, but I do remember her flatware, it was gold.

It was kept in a case similar to this. When one is eight years old there can be nothing finer to eat with than gold flatware. I imagined Mrs. Gibson to be very rich indeed. I spent many an afternoon in her parlor making small talk and thankfully learning etiquette from a professional. Yes, Mrs. Gibson was a true jewel who outshone even her gold flatware.
Sadly, she passed away over 15 years ago. She left me a monstrous dictionary which I still refer to on a weekly basis at least. I also received several books of poetry and quite a few literary classics to include Shakespeare, the Bronte sisters, and other less well known authors. But in true Mrs. Gibson style, she also left me her copy of Emily Posts book of etiquette. I refer to it when composing special letters, and planning dinner parties, specifically on how to lay out the flatware.
Here are a few modern day selections.

This is the Brandon pattern by Chris Madden. Mrs. Gibson would approve.

I think that Louis XIV would even love the Botticelli flatware.

This swirl pattern by Waterford is a quiet kind of loveliness.

The mother of pearl flatware with gold accents is quite lovely.

Yes, I shall treasure my little gold teaspoon and the delicious memories that it stirred up in my heart.


Southern Girl said...

This post reminded me two things held very close to my heart: the delicate, gold dessert untensils my mother left me when she passed away, and the days in my girlhood spent with a lovely Mrs. Payne on her Alabama front porch with sweet tea and stories. Thanks so much for stirring those memories!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

My grandma had gold flatware too, such a great memory!

Happy night!

Pigtown-Design said...

How funny! i did a post about those plates a few weeks ago. I have seven of them and they're perfect for picnics.

Miss Sandy said...

You are so sweet! I loved hearing your tea time story! I have two different patterns of gold flatware, on quite simple and the other a bit more fancy. I love to use them for holiday gatherings. Enjoy your tea!

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

Ive been collection old silverware
there is something about it that I just love.
but then I love just about anything old.

Katy Lin :) said...

what wonderful treasures and sweet memories!