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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Interiors Fit for a Queen~ Marie Antoinette

I first fell in love with Marie Antoinette's style several winters ago while visiting the Palace of Versailles.

If you are going to Paris before June 30th, 2008 try to visit the Galeries Nationales DU Grand Palais. The museum is holding a Marie Antoinette exhibit of over 300 works including paintings, sculptures, and objets d'art. For those of you remaining stateside, come live her life vicariously with me.
A favorite painting of the queen was painted by Elizabeth Louise Vigee LeBrun. During a time in which men dominated all aspects of the world, Madame LeBrun rose to dazzling heights in the art world. She painted several portraits of the queen and other members of the royal household.

The queen's favorite escape from court life was the Petit Trianon.

I can almost hear the harp. Sigh.

Tuck me in, please!

Luckily, her neoclassical style is available. I love this screen from Southall Antiques.

This Duchesse Brisee (sadly now sold) would be lovely recovered in a pale blue silk or for a more casual look, perhaps an ivory linen.

Wouldn't you love to take an afternoon nap on this Louis XVI painted daybed from Richard Norton Inc.?

A perfect bench for my bedroom. J'Adore. You can find it at Trianon Antiques.

Such a wonderful shade of blue gray on this commode from Cupboards & Roses Antiques.

Certainly one would need this silk fan while lounging on any of the above seating. It is $2,500.00 at Regalo Antiques. Hmmmm, the kid's college fund....or a fan....

A bit more in budget is this fanciful crown handmade by Friendly Fairies. I think Marie would have just loved it.

You could add a choker to your ensemble. Tres chic! It is by Violet Rose Designs.

Love this chapeau by Topsy Turvy Design. Alas no place to wear such deliciousness.

Now all we need is some cake!


Turquoise Chic said...

Fab post!

Miss Sandy said...

I just saw the clock and I'd better get to bed, so I will pick up here tomorrow and read forward! Sweet dreams!

Miss Sandy said...

I'd love to escape to that petite palace! What is it about anything French that just draws one in? Sigh, I've yet to travel there but hopefully will one day!

Jennifer Bohrer said...

OOOh! Thanks for including my Fairy Crown! I was googling myself and found your blog, how delightful!!

Maija said...

Wonderful post, Laura!

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Simply divine!!!

Geralyn Gray said...

Ohh thank you.....I really needed a look at Marie Antoinette today----I love all the colors and the furnitrure....thanks for sharing!

Rhondamum said...

Yes, thank you so much for sharing. I am so jealous. I hope I get to have longer travels in France one day! Rhonda...