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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Terrazzo flooring

I first became aware of terrazzo flooring while traveling through Greece and Italy ten years ago. You have to admire the Greeks and Romans for taking small bits of marble and stone and setting the pieces in mortar and then grinding and polishing the floor to breathtaking beauty. It was early GREEN design at its finest.

Today, the method consists of placing leftover marble or granite, beads, shells, stones and recycled glass into a layer of thin set epoxy. The flooring generally lasts the lifetime of the building as opposed to other flooring materials. It does require a yearly stripping and resealing, but use of earth friendly water-based products further creates a smaller carbon footprint.

Linda Beaumont, whose work is seen here, is one of the leading artists now bringing terrazzo to the forefront of truly beautiful flooring alternatives. 

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Miss Sandy said...

Mmmm, I'd like to have some of that "green" flooring in the last picture! Beautiful!