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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Out of the box decorating

My husband and I are in the midst of trying to get our six year old, Sweet Boy, to move out of our bathroom and share a bathroom with his sister. Neither sibling was thrilled with this idea so I thought if I added some fun eye candy to the room they would be a bit more excited. In a surge of creativity overload I grabbed some wired ribbon that had great natural texture. It is made by Chintz & Company. I began shaping and stapling the ribbon to the walls surrounding the bathroom mirror. (I must admit that I did pause before the first staple went in to wonder if Mr. Decor would support my creativity.) I then added 8 tiny nests, made by Katherine's Collection, that I had found at TJ Maxx. (The nests are a perfect example of buy what you love; you'll find a place for it.) Next, I went through my collection of old cards and photocopied several postcards that had bird images on them. I hung the cards onto the surprisingly sturdy ribbon with hanger clips and small strands of raffia. Happily, the Fashionista loved it and my husband, always my biggest fan, chalked it up to another one of my crazy ideas. However, the jury is still out if Sweet Boy will ever wean himself from our presence.

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Miss Sandy said...

Boys, birds, and bathrooms, now that is an amusing mix. Good luck getting him to switch. Clever idea!