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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Thoughts of Home on Thursday

Welcome to week 24 of Thoughts of Home on Thursday.
Our hostess this week is Laura from White Spray Paint.
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Now to this week's features.
Liz at Eat Move Make shares a recipe for Strawberry Cream Cheese Jello Pie that isas pretty as it sounds delicious.
Maria at Simple Nature Decor shares her lovely home from a recent summer home tour.
Leslie at Gwen Moss Blog inspires us as only she can in a wise post about owning our story.
Mickey of My Bashful Life shares her wonderful DIY party decor.
Amy of Get Busy Gardening shares her suggestions for 15 Colorful Plants for Shade Gardens.

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Create Your Own Tiered Tray

Lately I’ve had tiered trays on the brain.

I adore their versatility. You can use them year around in various rooms.

Rooms FOR Rent - Summer Open House Tour:

There are some really beautiful trays available with highly beautiful prices.

So I decided I am going to make my own. Luckily, a few other people have had this same great idea so I thought I would share a few of their brilliant concepts.

Just click on the picture to view the original source.

DIY 3 Tier Tray

This stand was created with old cake pans.

Shabby Chic Tiered Stand | Prodigal Pieces |

While this tray is actually for sale you could recreate your own by once again using old cake pans and painted terra cotta pots.

Metal Pedestal Tray Peterson (Set of 3):

Enamel bowls and plates always look cute in a kitchen.

Enamelware Bowls Tiered Stand -

Love! I have the old rolling pin… I just need a few old pie plates.

How pretty would a silver tiered tray be in the bathroom with wee soaps piled high on the top?

Diy for all those random silver plates, with silver candlesticks.. works for me!!:

This tiered tray made me smile. Favorite cars, blocks or tiny toys could be showcased in a kids room. You’d just need to get over the bit of hacksawing a dinosaurs head off. (smile :)

Domestic Sluttery: Extinctly The Best: Brilliant Dinosaur Design:

Are you ready for this? Spray painted Dollar Store burner covers. Brilliant!

(The blog itself is no longer in existence but it would be easy to recreate.)

Cupcake stand made out of stove burner covers from the dollar store.  Paint a bright color:

I really want to create this for my sewing and craft room.

I scoured ebay and etsy for vintage Tri Chem tins. $$$ I think I’ll try my luck at the thrift shops.

We still have some old fencing left. This just might be Mr. Decor’s next wood working project.

Thrift store frames to tiered tray- What Treasures Await

This tiered tray is also cute and all of the supplies can be found at the local hardware store.

A must pin to make your own DIY three tiered tray. A super simple way to make an customizeable three tiered tray for any room in your  home. Great for rustic farmhouse decor & cottage style decor kitchens.:

I need this wood slice tiered tray AND some strawberry shortcake!

If you decide to make your own tray make sure you share it at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.


I’ll see you on Thursday!


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Christmas in July- Finding the World’s Largest Stocking

I like going to estate sales. You never know what you will find.

This Christmas gem was found last week. It had been living just two streets over from me.

To give you an idea of the size of the stocking I am 5’4” tall. This photo is of me INSIDE the stocking, arms straight up, holding the stocking over my head.

(Yes, my daughter and I were cracking up while taking this shot. :)

Christmas in July 002

I know a few of you are thinking “Why on earth did you buy that?” (cough, Mr. Decor, cough)

Decor To Adore is known for its annual handmade Christmas extravaganzas. I create a new theme each holiday. But I don’t like to spend oodles of money creating the various themes.

Over the years many of you have wondered “Where do I get my inspiration from?”

So this stocking is the perfect place to share my thought process.

I often start planning Christmas in July. As a working mom, who is also a college student, I need that much time to plan and create all that goes into the final results. 

When I saw the stocking I couldn’t help but admire the intricate hand beading on each of the felt accents.

It must have taken the seamstress hours to execute.

Christmas in July 007

The eyelash button detail made me smile and brought back happy memories of Christmases past.

Christmas in July 009-001

Although the stocking itself, I believe, is a hand made design I think the felt applique elements were from a vintage Bucilla kit. I can remember my grandmother and aunt creating various ornaments and stockings. They were all the rage in the 1960’s and 70’s.

christmas tree wall hanging by bucilla

Bucilla was founded in 1867 Bernhard Ulmann. He was a European emigrant who sold handkerchiefs and doilies from a pushcart along the streets of New York City. His first and only retail store was opened in 1875. The company was known as Bernhard Ulmann Company, Incorporated and featured Lace, Linen, and Accessories. Those letters in bold were shortened to the acronym BUCILLA.

(If anyone has this Wizard of Oz kit/ornaments and no longer needs them, I can provide a loving home! :)

wizard of oz kit from bucilla

In going down the rabbit hole to learn all of that historical information I found some lovely examples of tree skirts.

DIY Network has instructions on how to make an easy retro-style Christmas tree shirt.:

I loved the scalloped versions…

Vintage 1950s Pink Felt Christmas Tree Skirt Hand Made Sequins Reindeer Bells:

…and was drawn to shades of ivory, pink and turquoise.

Vintage tree love this look!:

The large red stocking itself has several moth holes and is coming apart at some of the seams. But I felt that the vintage needlework should live on. So I gently removed all of the applique.

I’ve decided that I am going to make a pale aqua felt tree skirt. I plan on adding on the ivory reindeer and sled to the skirt just as it is.

Santa however is going to get a bit of a makeover.

Christmas in July 013

He was carefully taken apart and everything was saved to use as a pattern. He’s going to get a new pink suit.

Christmas in July 016

Of course just as when you give a mouse a cookie and then need some milk to go with it, I will need to create a few felt ornaments for my happy 60’s made modern tree.

Sequin Ball Ornament:

Then I spied this tree skirt with the DACHSHUND on it and thought, “Surely I need to make a table runner too.”

I’m envisioning a white doxie on either end with a gold bow on a turquoise background.

But I need to find TWO EYELASH BUTTONS. Just like those shown on the reindeer above. Anyone have two that they want to sell or donate to the cause?

Red, Vintage Felt, Sequins, beads Christmas tree skirt. Adorable:

I imagine all this work it will take me until….Christmas.


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Be Bitter or Be Better

I know it’s been quiet here the past few Sundays. There seemed to be SO much hate in the world I was at a loss of words to say.

To try and understand “Why?” is just impossible.

My own father, Paul, had his life ended by a group of violent men when my mother was just three months pregnant with me. 

My mother Karen would pass on from a brain tumor just five short years later.

Some people might think I was cheated… that I had received the short end of a nasty stick… it would be totally  justified if I chose to be ANGRY.

I tried anger for a few years and guess where it got me? No where.

Now I want to clarify that the pain of losing my parents so young has never gone away. Even today there is pain. Pain at what was missed and what will continue to be missed.  Life’s big moments and the small. The pain is also generational. My children, at times, feel the pain of having no maternal grandparents.

But pain can be separated from anger.

You can learn from pain. Pain can bring understanding and empathy for others.

Anger tends to grow large around your heart. It can eventually engulf the heart and consume you.

I am thankful that almost 20 years ago I decided that instead of being bitter… I would be better.

Guess what that decision got me? LOVE, and love is everything.

Love is family, love is friends, love is home, love is happiness.

Yes, it IS that simple!

Bitter or better~ what will you decide?


“Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else.”  1 Thessalonians 5:15

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thistlewood Farms Sweet Tea Challenge-You Can VOTE

Happy Friday Friends!

The lovely KariAnne of Thistlewood Farms is hosting a Sweet Tea Fabric Challenge.

Sweet Tea Table

I, along with eleven other talented bloggers, are participating in this event.

Sweet Tea Challenge (2)

The challenge was to use small 5 inch by 5 inch pieces of KariAnne’s Hoffman Fabric line to create something. I decided to make two Sailboat Applique Pillows.

sweet tea challenge 045-001

To place your vote simply review the entries below and click on the heart in the upper right hand corner of your favorite project.

The voting is open for one week.