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Friday, July 3, 2015

Bits of Bliss–Independence Edition

Happy fourth of July weekend!

I loved this floral arrangement that used a vintage George Washington pipe tobacco can. I found quite a few on Ebay in case you love it too.

I have a fondness for rooms decorated in red, white and blue. Do you?The living room in designer Kelley McDowell's Ojai, California, farmhouse, is filled with American flag accessories. "There's something about the American flag that moves me," she says.

Although I am not one to think about Christmas in July I absolutely adored the quilt on the ceiling. I am now thinking about something similar for our attic space.

If you have a notion that this color palette can’t be elegant I bring you this lovely dining room complete with hand painted de Gournay Earlham wallpaper in cobalt-blue.In a New York apartment, de Gournay's hand-painted cobalt-blue Earlham wallpaper makes a big impression in the dining room. Yet, the crisp white and apple red decor hold their own against this electric hue, balancing the bold look.

As far as specific themed décor I still love this sweet flag I found last year. I was unable to trace the original artist so if you know please share it with me so they can receive credit. 4th of July decor - ribbon and lace American flag. Perfect for above my console table in front entry way.

Update: Thank you to Wanda for telling me the maker of the flag. It is The Gilded Life. Here is their 2015 Flag Kit.2015Flag

I have some bandanas just sitting in a drawer. They make excellent napkins, pillow covers, and when grouped together can form a tablecloth or a happy banner.Front Porch – 4th of July Decorating Ideas- Ideas and tutorials, including this DIY bandana banner by Life in Wonderland!

I love the idea of stamped bamboo utensils. It’s a wonderful alternative to plastic.

Of course you need a patriotic meal. Can I say oh my yum!!!! You can get the recipe for the pulled pork HERE.Carolina pulled pork

I’m going to try my hand at some firecracker dogs. 4th of July Firecracker Hot Dogs on a stick.

I have delicious summer berries on the brain and this salad combines some unexpected flavors I can’t wait to try. The recipe can be found HERE.

A bit of store bought angel food or pound cake topped with whipped cream and berries is my idea of perfection. But the icing on the cake is the cute decorative flags. A perfect way to use up those small bits of ribbon.

Sweet Guy has been away at Boy Scout camp all this past week. He returns home today. His favorite desert is pie and I have delicious cherry one waiting for him. I also couldn’t resist creating a red, white and blue apron from an old dish towel. 1-IMG_2553-001

Happy fourth of July! Stay safe and I will see you on Monday.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Summertime Bedroom

Sometimes it’s ok to just make small investments in a room until you are ready to make big changes.


When we first moved into Storybook Cottage both the Mr. and I knew right away that we could only live for a few days with the feeling that we were sleeping inside an avocado.


But I had no idea WHAT color to paints the walls. I already knew that the curtains we had in our last two houses were a foot and half too short for the new windows and pieces of our bedding had shrunk when they were dry cleaned. But I had no idea what type of new bedding I wanted, had no time to look and just needed to paint.

So white it was. Specifically “DuJour” by Behr (Home Depot). Someday I will probably paint the walls a lovely color but for now white works.  It’s clean and not green. :)


Eventually I probably will have custom bedding and drapery made for the space. But in the meantime I was tired of just making the bed up each morning with just a tired old blanket. Since this was a temporary decorating solution I decided to have a little fun with my choices. Summer for me means bright color balanced with white.


I can’t even begin to tell you how clogged with dust these window sheers were. #yuckbedroom

For now I am just enjoying the clean look of white plantation shutters. It seems perfect for summer. Light and bright.


So let’s talk bedding. The white linen bed skirt and euro shams I have had for a few years. They are from Pom Pom at Home. I found the white Issac Mizrahi coverlet at Marshalls and the floral Kenzie shams at Home Goods. Both were on clearance. The pink abstract pillows by Threshold from Target were also massively reduced. The turquoise pillow in front came from Hobby Lobby and purchased with a coupon. All together I spent $65 for a temporary fix that allows me to walk into our bedroom without cringing. 1-IMG_2566

The colored fabric at the foot of the bed was something I have seen done at upper end hotels. The Fashionista is unsure about this look. I told her we would let you guys vote on if it should stay or go. It is basically just a bit of pink burlap.


I also found some new lamps on major clearance at Target. You can see I have not yet removed the plastic lampshade cover. This is because I am on the fence about the lamps. While I love the pink shades the base reminds me of large gold paperclips. So, what do you think, should they remain? At $25 a piece that is a bit high to keep them just for the lamp shades and buy new bases.


So tell me your thoughts. Will you be doing any temporary decorating fixes?


Monday, June 29, 2015

Ideas for a Summertime Bedroom at Storybook Cottage

Light and bright, lots of white with touches of color. This is what I envision for our master bedroom here at Storybook Cottage.

Colorful Summer Bedroom Ideas To Steal

Our master bedroom looked like this upon moving in. Meaning no disrespect to the former owners, but the dark walls and even darker tray ceiling was an avocado nightmare to paint. Each wall and the ceiling took two coats of primer and two coats of paint to cover and I still find myself doing touchups from bleed through. 


After taking down the sheers I found some lovely plantation shutters.


You may recall what our master bedroom looked like in our previous home. Lovely custom bedding and curtains that we have had for the past 10 years.


I had everything dry cleaned before it was packed for the move. When it was all unpacked I found that our bed skirt had shrunk to the size of a full size bed frame. (We have a queen.) The curtains were also about a foot too short for the new windows.  I found that I just couldn’t bring myself to buy numerous yards of fabric and spend several days lengthening the curtains and sewing a new bed skirt when frankly, I was a bit tired of them. (Remember, we’ve had them for 10 Years.)


I really don’t know what direction I want to go in my room. So, I need a temporary fix that will probably last two years. (I know some of you are smiling at that and can relate. :)

So, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration.

summer color | sfgirlbybay

White walls. Check. The room looks so much better!

A white bedroom with blue, orange and pink pops of color. This space is so comfortable and stylish! /ES

Lots of happy color grounded with a white bedcover. Check! The clearance aisles at HomeGoods and Target were my friends. Since this is a temporary fix I didn’t want to invest too much money.

Now I just need to put it all together, take a few photos and you’ll see the temporary solutions on Wednesday!


Friday, June 26, 2015

Bits of Bliss- Plentiful Projects

Thank you so very much for all your kind comments about Eleanor’s Aprons. If you haven’t entered the giveaway you should!


This past week in between listening to school lectures, writing papers and studying for tests I have been cleaning out numerous closets. It’s been a mindlessly delightful task which my overworked brain needed. I’m not sure it’s exciting blog fodder, but I did receive quite a bit of satisfaction when I took a large box to Goodwill and a nice stack of lovely clothes, that I never wear, to the resale shop.

Another area I worked on is the frothy supplies for the “new” aprons I am creating. This is how I have been “organizing” my antique lace and ribbon.

DTA June Projects 001

Good stuff, but not a quick or easy way to find what I am looking for.

DTA June Projects 005

This weekend will be filled with more projects. Last night Mr. Décor ripped the nasty 30 year old trash compactor out of the kitchen.

DTA June Projects 009

I had the fun job of pulling up the old linoleum and cleaning the cupboard walls and floor. Yuck!

DTA June Projects 010

A custom cabinet for the waste bin will be taking it’s place.

I’ll also be working in the garden. I am planting pink hydrangeas and white daylilies. A much nicer task.

Of course we always have a bit of fun too. Earlier this week the kids and I rode an air mattress down our stairs. I am NOT kidding!

You can view the videos HERE and HERE. Yes, I took a turn.

air mattress

Have a glorious weekend. I’ll see you Monday.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Celebrating the Last of Eleanor’s Aprons With a Giveaway

DTA Summer Daze 029-002

I first shared “Eleanor’s Aprons” way back in April.

June Aprons 016

Since that time I have continued sewing.

June Aprons 025

Stitch by stitch my grieving heart has mended.

June Aprons 020

As the stack of precious vintage fabric, laces and handkerchiefs grew smaller and smaller I felt better and better.

June Aprons 013

All of the aprons shown here (plus a few others) were sent off last week to lovely friends who reserved an order for one of Eleanor’s Aprons. 

June Aprons 001-001

I was able to give a lovely donation in my grandmother’s name to the American Heart Association.

June Aprons 030

Thank you so very much dear friends for all your support.

June Aprons 005

We have now come to the final four.

DTA Summer Daze 020

Three of the the final four aprons have been put into my Etsy Shoppe.

DTA Summer Daze 017

DTA Summer Daze 011

DTA Summer Daze 007

Now I don’t want to cause a panic. I won’t quit making aprons.

It’s just the next batch are going to be very different. I’ll share a sneak peek on Friday.

The remaining apron…well, it’s kinda special.

DTA Summer Daze 022-001

You see it was the very first Eleanor’s Apron that I made. The prototype.

I’m warning you. I got all the glitches out in this one apron.

The pocket is not quite big enough, the upper row of lace is slightly crooked, and the quilt applique is slightly askew.

This apron made me decide that future apron strings needed to be longer.

DTA Summer Daze 024

And well, despite all this I find this apron to be my favorite because it’s full of charm.

This apron is for those lovely hearts and kindred spirits who adore charm too.

I’ll also be tucking in a vintage rhinestone and lilac enamel brooch and some sweet smelling lavender soap into the giveaway package.

DTA Summer Daze 029-001

For those of you who need an apron right now you can head over to the Etsy Shoppe.

You can also find some bejeweled treasures there as well.

Vintage jewelry and fun 029-001

This giveaway is open to everyone including treasured readers living abroad.

Please leave ONE comment.

If you would like a second entry you can follow my Instagram page and leave another comment.

I’ll pick a winner next Monday, June 29th.