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Friday, December 19, 2014

All The Details for the Wintermint Guest Room

Thank you all for your lovely comments yesterday on the Wintermint Guest Room. I just want to give each and every one of you a great big happy hug!

DTA~ Storybook Cottage Guest Bedroom 028

Shall we start with the wall color? It is not exactly called Wintermint but in this months issue of House Beautiful they have an article entitled “Wintermint” and this matches the color featured. 

The wall color is actually “Cool White” by Behr #440C-1. The ceiling, doors and trim are the same as the rest of the house~ Du Jour by Valspar. I actually got VERY lucky in that the gallon of paint was in the “Oops” section and just $9.99 for the gallon! The color, as you can see, is not white, but the palest shade of mint.

The white hotel bedding (which is technically a duvet cover and two standard shams) is truly amazing quality made of oh so soft cotton. It was $49 at T.J. Maxx. The throw, three decorative pillows also came from T.J.Maxx.

DTA~ Storybook Cottage Guest Bedroom 107

While the snowy wreath hung above the bed also came from T.J. Maxx the tree was found at HomeGoods for a steal because it did not have a box. The anorexic reindeer are also from there. :) The pale mint and pearl ball ornaments are vintage and the tree was simply topped with a bow made from double faced satin ribbon from Joann’s. The fur throw at the base of the tree came from Ikea.

DTA~ Storybook Cottage Guest Bedroom 049

All of the artwork and the chair is vintage. But you can find similar styles on Craigslist and at thrift stores. The drapes used to hang in the Fashionista’s bedroom in Arizona. Since she only has one window in her room here I simply just used the second set of drapes for the guest room. The matelassé style is no longer sold at Ikea but here is a similar curtain.

We also repurposed the Martha Stewart curtain rods.

DTA~ Storybook Cottage Guest Bedroom 015

Now, I am going to share a little cheat secret. Because Tiny House Nation required such a short turn around time in which to produce/write the post (5 days) I needed to take a few shortcuts. I am thankful that the room had already been painted but it was truly a mess. It took one day to clean it out, one day to shop for, one day to place the furniture, hang the artwork and style, then another day to photograph and write the post. WHEW!

That meant I didn’t have time for such time consuming nonsense like hemming the curtains. So I used “Heat and Bond”. I  find the best way to get a perfect hem is to hang the curtains and then measure. If I am going to sew the curtains they of course have to be taken down but if I am using this cheat method I totally just leave ‘em hanging and place the ironing board directly under the curtains. It is a HUGE timesaver!

Decor To Adore~ Fireplace mantle 169

You also really loved the sweet little shelf Mr. Décor made. My inspiration came from BHG.

We had a ratty old shelf in our coat closet under the stairs. I had taken it down because it served no purpose and took up valuable space. I saved the corbels and shelf though thinking they might be reused. Mr. Décor gave all the pieces, which were coated with a bad paint job, a good sanding and repainted them with Rust-Oleum gloss white spray paint.

Decor To Adore~ Fireplace mantle 173

The shelf had just been a plain piece of lumber so he created the side detailing with his router. Yes, he truly is amazingly talented and I am blessed so often with his skills.

DTA~ Storybook Cottage Guest Bedroom 039

I believe I have covered everything. I do have plans for another look for the bedroom once the holidays are over and will share it soon.

DTA~ Storybook Cottage Guest Bedroom 060

Our first guests to Storybook Cottage arrive tomorrow. I am SO excited. While it’s true that I have no furniture in the living room if I waited for everything in my home to be finished I would never get to enjoy the company of some truly fabulous people!

Are you having guests over for the holidays?


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Storybook Cottage - A Truly Tiny Guest Room

Welcome to the Wintermint Guest Room at Storybook Cottage!

 photo DTAStorybookCottageGuestBedroom049-001_zps2d703bd1.jpg Let’s start from the beginning. Back in October when we moved into our home this room, like the rest of the house, was yet another shade of brown. (Please, quit coveting the yellow and brown glass light shades! :)

 photo The10CentTour051_zpsfbeec3aa.jpg

So I painted the walls a lovely shade of wintermint.

Then the room became a dumping ground for everything that was not being used in other areas of the house.

Decor To Adore~ Fireplace mantle 164

I think most of us are guilty of having such a space filled with…stuff….things.

 photo DecorToAdoreFireplacemantle161_zps1fcaace1.jpg Things that we cling to because we think they are happy memories. But they’re not. Memories are stored treasures in our hearts. Not the stuff.

The problem begins when we let the stuff interfere with making new memories with those we love and cherish. More than once I have heard of people not having guests over because there is no room. Yet, they live in a 2000 (or fill in the number) square foot home. It’s not that they don’t have the room, it’s because they have too much stuff.

 photo DecorToAdoreFireplacemantle158_zps072145c0.jpg

 I had three sets of wonderful guests wanting to visit in the very near future. Yet I had no room. Or did I?

It seemed a shame to let stuff interfere with a potentially great memory making opportunity.

So, I did something really hard. I let some of the stuff go.

The 1980’s wedding dress? Gone. The Fashionista for the 800th and final time said she was NOT interested.

The heirloom piece of furniture I have never liked? Gone to someone who LOVED it.

You know what made it easy?

Keeping my focus on that special people are more important than average things.

In just two days the room was transformed.

 photo DTAStorybookCottageGuestBedroom015_zpsd8c6fbce.jpg The room is pretty tiny, but comfortable.

 photo DTAStorybookCottageGuestBedroom028-001_zpse1d9ef4c.jpg How tiny you might wonder?

Well, after placing a nice and fluffy double bed in the room there was no way a nightstand was going to fit on the right side.

 photo DTAStorybookCottageGuestBedroom055-001_zps76cafcdc.jpg So Mr. Décor built a wee shelf that comes THISCLOSE to the closet door.

But, the tray on top can hold a lovely winter rose, a set of keys, your phone and maybe a ring or two.

 photo DTAStorybookCottageGuestBedroom063_zps8f1ad729.jpg On the opposite side I used a bookcase that serves several purposes. It contains classic reading material for guests of course. But it also offers fresh towels, a clock, a water glass and a lovely bar of soap.

 photo DTAStorybookCottageGuestBedroom072_zps2645e6e9.jpg I got the idea from Tiny House Nation. Do you watch the show? Sweet Guy and I are totally hooked! We’ve been snuggling up each evening to view episodes online. We can’t wait for Season 2 to start on Monday, December 22nd at 9 pm ET/10 pm PT on FYI Network. The host, renovation expert John Weisbarth, often says that furniture should serve more than one purpose in a tiny home (or room in this case). The master builder and tiny house expert on the show, Zach Giffin, has some really ingenious ideas. You can also follow the show and the journey of “going tiny” on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It sure feels good to pare down and offer a few lovely touches for guests.

 photo DTAStorybookCottageGuestBedroom100_zps9f0d93cd.jpg

The bed is dressed in soft comfortable linens. But, you had better believe that I have some storage bins hiding underneath the dust ruffle.

 photo DTAStorybookCottageGuestBedroom107_zps2856e2a7.jpg There’s a nice chair to sit on. I think every guest room should have one so that guests can comfortably remove their shoes or lay out the next days outfit.

 photo DTAStorybookCottageGuestBedroom082_zpsd34de61c.jpg Right above the chair hangs some meaningful artwork of people, places and things we love.

You can always take a photo or create a painting of something special and adorn your walls with an image instead of a thing.

 photo DTAStorybookCottageGuestBedroom066_zpse0b8822f.jpg There is also a luggage rack placed beneath some needlework Grandma Jingles did as a young girl and a painting my mother, Karen, created at age 13.

 photo DTAStorybookCottageGuestBedroom046_zps651eb376.jpg Not wanting the room to feel too serious the boy and girl sculpture busts are adorned with festive New Years Eve party hats.

 photo DTAStorybookCottageGuestBedroom074_zps648fd1a5.jpg With such a deep windowsill I set up a small flocked Charlie Brown tree to provide a bit of festive cheer for our guests. I am looking forward to changing the space up as I have so many ideas!

 photo DTAStorybookCottageGuestBedroom049_zps0b9bbae7.jpg The tree also doubles as a happy nightlight.

 photo DTAStorybookCottageGuestBedroom090_zps759add54.jpg

Are you ready to make a reservation in this quaint tiny space? I will have all the sourcing details listed in tomorrow’s post.


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A Christmas Bar Cart for Teetotalers

I absolutely adore the bar cart trend with it’s darling drink stirrers, gorgeous glasses and super cute straws. But I am not much of a drinker.

So here’s a bar cart for all the teetotalers and children, plus an easy way to make festive stirrers.

Decor To Adore~ Christmas Bar Cart 020-001

So, Anthro sells four tinsel pom-pom cocktails stirrers for $18.00. They’re cute, but NO!

You can get a bag of bamboo skewers and pom-poms at the dollar store and create like a zillion stirrers for $2.

Just grab your glue gun and wire clippers.

Decor To Adore~ Christmas Bar Cart 008

Snip the pointed end of the skewer off with the wire clippers. (Yes, they can be used for more than just wire. :)

Decor To Adore~ Christmas Bar Cart 010

Because we don’t want anyone poking their eye out!

A Christmas Story.

Then simply hot glue a pom-pom or two to the top of the skewer.

Fun AND Festive!

Decor To Adore~ Christmas Bar Cart 013

While this antique wash stand isn’t exactly a bar cart it works. It’s happy. Which is what a bar cart should be. I topped it with a small and large silver tray and added in a bit of faux snow.Decor To Adore~ Christmas Bar Cart 038

I love red roses and pine at Christmastime.

Decor To Adore~ Christmas Bar Cart 027

While most of the drink selections were found at Central Market here in Texas, you can find many of these same drinks at Cost Plus World Market. Beverages were definitely selected for their seasonal flavors or colors.

Decor To Adore~ Christmas Bar Cart 036

For a bit of extra holiday pizzaz place colored sugar (found in the Target $1 bins) in a small glass jar. Simply wet the rim of a glass and twist into the sugar.

Decor To Adore~ Christmas Bar Cart 052

Then add in your favorite drink. In this case I kept the glass small for cordial (both for alcoholic and non alcoholic versions) as it is meant to be an aperitif.

Decor To Adore~ Christmas Bar Cart 054

Remember what happened to Diana Barry when she gulped down a few glasses of alcoholic raspberry cordial? 

"Raspberry cordial!" Anne of Green Gables... Always wanted to try it...just a sip, of course!!!

You can also add a small bowl of fruit, nuts or mini candies to your bar cart. Just have fun!

Decor To Adore~ Christmas Bar Cart 021

What your favorite Christmas drink?


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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Decorated My Very First Christmas Banister!

Having grown up in the era of The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family I have often longed for a fabulous staircase. Sliding down the bannister seemed like such fun! Mr. Décor and I had a metal spiral staircase while living in Germany but alas not much in the way of Christmas décor since we were living on an airman's salary.

Of course one would expect Storybook Cottage to have a staircase leading to the tower. Albeit, it is a small one.

Decor To Adore~ Fireplace mantle 142

In the coming years I can definitely see this area as my Christmas décor playground.

Real pine garlands…

Pinecone garlands….

pinecone Christmas garland // holiday decorating ideas  Click to see 9 more creative holiday DIY projects.

Classic tinsel garland…

Stairway Showcase Garland  Stairway Showcase Garland  For a twist on the traditional garland-dressed banister, try this accent. Wire double swags of green tinsel garland at intervals along the banister rail, and tie ornaments dangling from silver ribbon. To add clusters of greenery and holly, tightly wrap wire around the railing for each cluster and tuck cuttings securely beneath the wire.

Bay leaf garlands….

Why if I ever have enough time on my hands I would love to do a paper garland.

But for now I just used a lit artificial garland I had on hand.

Decor To Adore~ Fireplace mantle 128

I just might adore my upside down acorn newel post.

Decor To Adore~ Fireplace mantle 137

Gold balls that once hung on Grandma Gunn’s tree, mercury ornaments and mini wreaths purchased on clearance years ago, and my pearl star ornaments add a bit of sparkle and shine.

Decor To Adore~ Fireplace mantle 144

The presents in this room are wrapped in basic butcher paper held by washi tape. Shimmering add ons are used year after year. The “Frohe Weihnachten” snowman clothespins were purchased when we lived in Germany 10 years ago! I also use gift bags although it’s somewhat faux pas in blogland.

Decor To Adore~ Fireplace mantle 149

The real magic occurs at night. I adore the twinkle of the soft lights.

Decor To Adore~ Fireplace mantle 145

Do you have a bannister to decorate?