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Monday, March 2, 2015

Taking A Moment

One of things I have been striving to do is be nicer to myself.

 photo DTA January Projects 063-001_zpscq0btntn.jpg

 Since moving into Storybook Cottage my “to do” list has become so long that I often forget to take even a moment for myself. With the addition of work and school on top of this list I inevitably become frazzled, worn out or just plain cross. My mood sometimes then trickles down onto the people I love the most. 

Wanting to avoid this I have begun setting aside 15 minutes each afternoon to sit and gather my thoughts. The time is made even more pleasurable with a cup of tea and a cookie.

 photo DTA January Projects 077_zpse8mxqrdq.jpg

 While I love to bake, and do so as often as I can, when I don’t have the time my favorite treat is Pepperidge Farm® Milano® cookies. 

I am loving pink right now and adore the rosy shade that peeks out from the “raspberry Milano cookies”.

 photo DTA January Projects 064_zpswovphyv8.jpg

 Oh it truly is a delicious moment.

 photo DTA January Projects 105_zpsuwhjlma2.jpg

 There are occasionally delightful days when the time is made even sweeter by enjoying the moment with a favorite friend.

 photo DTA January Projects 096_zpsm5cnoife.jpg

 The happiness can also be shared with a family member. Sometimes Sweet Guy has a tough time at school but it seems that the day can be swiftly turned around with his favorite, orange Milano cookies.

 photo DTA January Projects 107_zpsjvfbipma.jpg

Sometimes we need a reminder to step back from the frenzy of our everyday and just take a moment to focus on ourselves. A cup of tea and a Milano cookie is one of my favorite ways to enjoy a calm and happy moment either on my own or with loved ones.

 photo DTA January Projects 085_zpszcc6cvdm.jpg

 I would love to know how you take a moment for yourself.

Please leave a comment telling me how you take time for yourself and you will be automatically entered into a random drawing. The sweepstakes is for a $100 Visa gift card.

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May you enjoy a sweet moment today,


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Still and Open

Did you celebrate Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday last week? Mr. Décor and Sweet Guy cooked up a fabulous Cajun feast: jambalaya and sweet potato rolls.

Last week Ash Wednesday came and went and I spent much of the day scrubbing the bathrooms and floors. Since I was on my knees I also did a lot of praying.

With three family members passing away I had felt a return to being in one fine funk! A destination I so didn’t want to linger at. So I prayed that acceptance would come. Please Lord, PLEASE, let come any day now! As I don’t want to be angry or depressed.

Especially now.

Ash Wednesday signaled the beginning of Lent. 40 Days. A time of preparing our hearts for Easter.

It’s customary to give something up for Lent. This custom has its origins in the early Christian church but in essence this time can help us to appreciate the true abundance in our lives. Perhaps a small positive change can have a big impact in our lives that lasts beyond the 40 days of Lent.

Now I don’t smoke, gamble, rarely drink, overeat or do much of any of the customary vices people give up. My one vice, my daily soda habit, well, I gave that up in the new year and am happy to report am staying strong.

So what to do?

In years past I have written about Lent.

During the 2013 Lenten season I talked about how instead of giving up I would GIVE OUT joy to others.

2014 discussed spring cleaning my heart and looking for the good in others hearts.

This year, I just feel so WEARY.

Everything seems like it takes so much effort.

I wonder if I can just WALLOW through Lent?

But I know that God does His best work in us when we have reached rock bottom and lean on Him.

Perhaps it is for the best that I am still and open?

For in the silence I may see.

True glory is coming! For at the end of the Lenten season awaits the cross with all its promise.

Seeking Him,


“And so I am sure that God, who began this good work in you, will carry it on until it is finished on the Day of Christ Jesus.” ~ Philippians 1:6

Monday, February 23, 2015

How To Gently Clean Gilded Furniture and Accessories

Gilding has recently enjoyed a recurrence in popularity. You can find gilded agate in the form of bookends and coasters…

As well as gilded mirrors, picture frames, tables and bookcases.

Of course over time these pieces can get quite dusty.

Storybook Cottage Entryway 004

I cringed while researching this post as several sites recommended cleaning with a scrubbable cloth, moistened with water and then wiped across the surface to remove the dust. This is a mistake as you are sure to remove some the gilding. It will appear as small flakes on the cloth as shown below.

Storybook Cottage Entryway 006

Truly the best way to remove dust from gilded pieces is with a soft feather duster or canned air (also known as compressed air dusters). This is the same product which is used to clean computer keyboards.

If you have particularly stubborn dust that clings to your furniture or accessories then I recommend LIGHTLY moistening a very soft cloth (such as a well worn clean t shirt) or q tip for intricately carved areas, with a bit of distilled water and gently, with very little pressure, running it across the surface to remove the dust. It is time consuming but will save you from the expensive cost of having to re gild the piece.

Storybook Cottage Entryway 005 Now as you can see the mirror I purchased had several dirty spots on the glass itself. Do not reach for the window/glass cleaner! Chemical or even natural cleaners should be avoided as they are too acidic or alkaline and may cause gilt to rub away or become scratched.

Storybook Cottage Entryway 001

Because the mirror I purchased was vintage I simply wet a paper towel with distilled water and gently rubbed it over the glass being careful to not get too close to the gilded edge. This was followed by a clean, dry buffing cloth. If the mirror is antique glass you want to use an even gentler hand.

Cleaning A Gilded Mirror 004

Enjoy the sparkle!


Sunday, February 22, 2015


It’s been a week when God had given me MORE than I can handle. Yep, too much. I’m done.

I am sure that people mean well when they say “He never gives you more than you can handle”.

But that is not the truth.

Earlier this week Mr. Décor’s dear cousin, Shelley, lost her battle with cancer.

Then I learned that my mother Nadine’s brother, my Uncle Kit, had suddenly passed away.

The very next day I was told my Uncle Bill had passed away.

I just….can’t.

Bill Ray 002

My Uncle Bill was married to my Aunt Jan, my mother Karen’s sister. I lived with them in various stages of my childhood.

Bill Ray 001

Jan, Bill and Laura, Christmas 1972.

I’m not exactly sure of my emotions right now. At times there is sort of a fist shaking anger.

The mean, selfish part of me wants to say:

“Hey God why don’t you give someone else a chance to grieve? Because I have had ENOUGH!”

Yep, wishing grief on other people. Nice.

Bill Ray 004

So much of the weight in my heavy heart is for this guy, my sweet cousin Eric.

Bill Ray 006

Laura age 3, and Eric, age 1.

Like myself, he is an only child. My aunt passed on a few years ago. How well I know that there is a certain extra heaviness that comes when you lose your remaining parent.

Bill Ray 003

He is just five hours away from me and I don’t want him to be alone. Because…he’s not. I am so thankful that we have each other.

Bill Ray 005

I also know that this is true:

and believe this:

I’ll be taking some time away so I can be exactly where I need to be.


Friday, February 20, 2015

A Prince of Wales Feathered Mirror

In the lantern reveal post I gave a sneak peek at a new mirror I found at an estate sale.

Storybook Cottage Entryway 086

While I bought it thinking it might go in a bathroom I couldn’t resist trying it out in the entry. A true sign of a great piece is that it can work in several places.

Storybook Cottage Entryway 070-002

I spied it on at a sale being held in Dallas. Since it was tucked behind some chairs in the photo I almost missed it. I originally thought it might be a fleur de lis design since I could not see the top of the mirror.

Sale Photo #32

Other photos for the sale convinced me to go. I could tell it was going to be a quality sale.

Sale Photo #1

I went on the first day of the sale and really had to hunt to find the mirror. It was tucked behind even more chairs.

Storybook Cottage Entryway 078

It was a lovely gilded piece and way beyond my budget. I walked away. But before I left I inquired if they accepted bids on pieces. They did. So just like the family room rug I left a bid. It was probably a rather insulting bid in that it was so low. But I had a suspicion that given that the mirror was hidden behind several chairs it was probably going to be overlooked by most people attending the sale.

Storybook Cottage Entryway 080 

Then I came home and looked up Prince of Wales feather designed mirrors. Now some of you may be wondering what is the difference between a fleur de lis and a Prince of Wales design. The fleur de lis is French in design. It is closely linked to the French monarchy. It’s origins may stem from the baptismal lily used in the crowning of King Clovis I. The word itself translates as “lily flower”. In the reign of King Louis IX the three petals of the flower represented faith, wisdom and chivalry. The center of the design is generally shown strait up. The two side “petals” can either be curved to the side (top of image) or drooped over (center of image). 

Italian Giltwood Mirror

The Prince of Wales feather are from the crest of the Prince of Wales. It consists of three white ostrich feathers emerging from a gold coronet (crown). The feathers all fall forward at the top just as an ostrich feather would in real life. The design is linked back to the 1300’s when it was first used by Edward, the Black Prince, eldest son and heir of Edward III of England. Occasionally there are two additional feathers shown in the design.Gilted Mirror With Carved Frieze Representing The Prince Of Wales's Feathers

The Prince of Wales feather image has been used on the two pence coin and numerous other items linked to royalty. Most famously on the signet ring worn by the Prince of Wales.

This is a Prince of Wales mirror that is Rococo in design. Rococo is French for “seashell” and you can see the seashell design at the bottom of the mirror. This beauty sold for $950 on First Dibs.



Gilt Carved Mahogany Wall Mirror with Prince of Wales Feathers Motiff

Here is another Prince of Wales mirror that is currently for sale at Ruby Lane for $2,400. It is considered to be done in the Regency fashion (also known as French Empire).

Some of the features of the style are:

Extensive brass inlay and ormolu accents

Motifs from Antiquity: lyres, laurel wreaths, acanthus leaves, mythological creatures

Italian Carved Regence Style Giltwood Mirror with Panels from piatik on Ruby Lane

I believe the mirror I purchased is more Georgian Neoclassical in style with a touch of Roccoco.

Elements of the Neoclassical style include:

Straight or rectangular lines

Fluting & reeding throughout

Low-relief classic Greek and Roman ornament such as husks, vases, swags, urns, griffins, and the anthemium or honeysuckle design.

Storybook Cottage Entryway 061

Mr. Décor liked the light it provided an otherwise dark corner so much that he hung it up in the entryway last night.

Happy Friday friends!