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Friday, November 27, 2015

Rustic Christmas Card Display Tutorial

This year we are creating a “Rustic Plaid” Christmas decorating theme in the family room. I envisioned happy plaid, lots of red and natural touches.

In our family we love to display the many wonderful Christmas cards we receive. In keeping with the theme we have come up with a easy and thrifty way to display this years cards.

 photo Christmas Card Display DIY Recycled Wood 024-001_zpsr8hrcte8.jpg

As many of our readers know, we are always working on various home improvement projects here at Storybook Cottage. Currently, we are in the process of replacing part of our fence.

 photo Fall 2015 019_zps8azmpfkv.jpg

It seemed a shame to just throw away such beautifully weathered wood so we tried to come up with several ways on how we could repurpose it. Christmas is of course on my mind and we thought a shutter like card display would be so cute.

Each piece of fence is 3 1/4” inches across. We selected the best part of each fence piece and cut it to 30” in length. Using four fence planks looked good and once they were joined together the final width was 14” across.

You can also use pallet wood or new wood from any home improvement store for this project.

 photo Fall 2015 020_zpslpa9vued.jpg

Three support pieces, measuring 13” inches across, were screwed onto the back to keep the four front pieces together and stable.

 photo Christmas Card Display DIY Recycled Wood 003-001_zpsht7icgmo.jpg

Once the construction was over the fun part could begin.

Jute string, red bakers twine, a few jingle bells and a holiday floral pick, purchased at Walmart, was gathered together.

 photo Christmas Card Display DIY Recycled Wood 001_zpsgkqji8bu.jpg

Begin by randomly wrapping the boards first with jute string followed by bakers twine.

 photo Christmas Card Display DIY Recycled Wood 006_zpsls267i4h.jpg

Tie on a few jingle bells.

 photo Christmas Card Display DIY Recycled Wood 010_zps8p5hbv4v.jpg

Use a bit of hot glue to add faux greenery wherever you would like additional color and texture. Then hang the card holder up on the wall. 

 photo Christmas Card Display DIY Recycled Wood 019-001_zpsmlgenhz5.jpg

You are now ready to start adding in Christmas and holiday cards.

For our family cards, this year, we went to Walmart. There are over 500 fresh designs available in-store and over 1,900 options available online.

 photo Christmas Card Display DIY Recycled Wood 013_zpsjmvqtidk.jpg

For those who need cards quickly there are instant or 1 – Hour Cards available in-store. There are 3,500 Walmart Photo locations nationwide. Mobile Image Transfer in-store is fast and easy with the Fujifilm Kiosk Photo Transfer App.

This 4x8 card starts at .44 cents each in-store and includes premium silver-foil lined envelopes.

 photo Christmas Card Display DIY Recycled Wood 014_zpsnz08id9v.jpg

My favorite card was the In-Store Premium Stationery Cards. They ship to your store and are ready for pick-up in 3-5 days.

The 5x7 cards are double sided and feature square or rounded corners and are printed on 110 lb stationery stock. Premium envelopes are included and they cost just .87 cents each.

Joining us on the back of the photo are Eric’s parents on the occasion of Pop Gunn’s 80th birthday. On the front of the photo Uncle David and Aunt Bette are shown with our family. They live in England and came for a happy visit in September. Longtime readers may recall that Uncle David was bestowed with the OBE (Order of the British Empire) by Queen Elizabeth herself. We love to listen to their stories about how they also met Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana.

This is our idea of the perfect CELEBRITY Christmas card.

 photo Christmas Card Display DIY Recycled Wood 016_zpsyvav4rko.jpg

I hope you have enjoyed this happy holiday tutorial. Free shipping is being offered by Walmart on all cards and gifts through December 30, 2015.

 photo Christmas Card Display DIY Recycled Wood 024_zpsgfvmdvef.jpg

Be sure to visit Walmart Photo's brand page on where you can read other bloggers' posts.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Autumnal Splendor at the Japanese Garden

I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to visit the Japanese Garden at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.

I think I found it.

Autumn 2015 110

The Japanese Maples were all draped in scarlet and gold.

Autumn 2015 152

The seven acre garden was built in 1973. It was once a rock quarry that underwent a magnificent transformation.

Autumn 2015 022

The landscape is done in the Kyoto style.

Autumn 2015 023

Quite a few bridges can be traversed.

Autumn 2015 077

I loved the sound of this gorgeous waterfall…

Autumn 2015 098

…that spilled into a peaceful lake.

Autumn 2015 135

The Imperial Carp (koi) that swim in the ponds and lake were stupendous.

Autumn 2015 107

Perhaps even too big for a nice lunch for this Great Blue Heron.

Autumn 2015 102

There were several different meandering paths to take.

Autumn 2015 109

It was almost impossible to not feel Zen after walking along one or two.

Autumn 2015 173

Several simple stone Asian structures dot the landscape.

Autumn 2015 155

My adorable companion and I made sure to take a few moments to reflect on the beauty.

Autumn 2015 187

I hope you have enjoyed the tour.

Autumn 2015 006-001

Our company arrives today and we will be busy through the weekend.

I can’t wait to share all of the holiday projects that I have been working on.

Autumn 2015 114

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Favorite Thanksgiving Tips, Recipes and Décor for 2015

I am SO excited for Thanksgiving! My cousin Linda and her family recently moved to Houston and will be traveling to spend the holiday with us. I think it has been a good 25 years since we last celebrated Thanksgiving together. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

When You Don’t Feel Thankful

This is what the road in front of Storybook Cottage looks like right now.

It’s not much of a fairytale.

Be Thankful 002