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Monday, July 27, 2015

A Lighter End of Summer Schedule

Hello dear lovelies! Did you have a wonderful weekend? I spent a good majority of it with my nose in a schoolbook. This week is midterms for me. Today is also the day I am driving Sweet Guy to a weeklong Boy Scout camp. I plan to use my bit of free time wisely. I imagine that I might finally find the solar powered outdoor lights Mr. Décor has been wanting to string up in our trees.

Backyard hammock plus tree lights makes magic. I will buy my home and plant two trees for my hammock in the first summer!

I have a number of other projects I also want to finish. Like adding a final coat of paint onto the back door. As this is our family’s main entryway it seems like a nice idea to create a pretty and welcoming space just for us to enjoy.

I’ve also dug through my collection of vintage British tea towels and plan on spending a bit of time sewing a few pillows for the sunroom daybed.

Perhaps backing it with antique French ticking fabric.

Antique Vintage French red pinks Ticking fabric ~ Project Bundle faded tones ~ | eBay

Grain sack is nice too, with a bit of ticking peeking out.

Antique French Grain Sack Reversible Ticking Pillow

The thing about possibilities is that they are so very lovely to dream about. Even lovelier to make a reality. I’ve decided to enjoy every little bit of the last days of summer. There are back to school supplies to buy, lemonade to sip, a garden to work in and water sprinklers to run through.

I’m going to scale back on my blog posts for a bit to savor the last of the summer season.

See you soon,


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hug Life

Two words: hug life.
We can learn so much from children can't we?
Six year old Riley seems to have mastered the concept already.

This week I am going to revel in life's everyday wonders.
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"Clap your hands all you nations, shout to God with cries of joy." ~Psalm 47:1

Friday, July 24, 2015

Bits of Bliss- Happy Summer Wonders

On Monday I will be driving Sweet Guy to his second week of summertime camping with the Boy Scouts. There has been a tremendous amount of prep work as this is a leadership camp and the boys are expected to pack in every single bit of their gear, pitch their own tents, etc. So we have been practicing and packing all week.

Cannot wait til we can get out on a nice night campfire crackling under a full sky and our converations endless

I was a Girl Scout from Brownie’s through Seniors. I can build outdoor shelters, create fire and find non-poisonous food in the form of worms and berries. My family were also big campers. I fondly recall making camp near Bodega Bay and clamming (digging for clams) all day.  Yes, I am a camping BOSS! But guess what? My roughin’ it days are over. I have no desire to not sleep under the stars on a leaky air mattress while mosquitos serenade me.

Nowadays my idea of camping would be to stay at Camp Wandawega in Wisconsin.

They have cute tents for the hard core camper…

Tents only - that's my idea of how to run a camp ground (though I find tiny trailers charming, that's just NOT camping).  Ohhhhh for a camping vacation in a humble, happy tent like THIS.  #Tens #Camping

…treehouses for the dreamers….

…and cabins decked out in darling décor.

I’ll take a cabin please. With indoor plumbing. :)

It’s been a bit like camping this week at Storybook Cottage as the city is replacing underground plumbing and therefore has needed to turn off the water a few times. They are also preparing to repave the street which we are looking forward to. I’m also pretty thankful that we just have a giant caterpillar parked in front of our house as opposed to our neighbor across the street who got a porta potty.

I think summer should be filled with wonder and discovery. The kids and I have christened this week “Try New Things.”

We’ve tried fried spam sandwiches…

Built in cabinets 006

…and Irish Oatmeal (steel cut oats).

Built in cabinets 011-001

We also watched a few old movies that are new to my kids. A perfect choice:“The Great Outdoors.” The bat scene is the best!

What are your favorite summertime activities?


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Built-in Cabinets in the Living Room

The built-in cabinets have finally been installed in the living room and we are quite happy!

Built in cabinets 015

Here is what we started with when we moved in. The design just didn’t seem to fit the space and the wood was also splintering and chipping.


A lovely local DTA reader, Sue of Oridinary Miracles, recommended that we try David Logan of New Creation Woodworking.

Decor To Adore Fireplace 004

I provided David with a hand drawn cabinet design that echoed the slight curve of the fireplace and wood storage area and he executed it brilliantly.

Built in cabinets 016-001

With this work completed I am thinking that the brass fireplace screen and natural basket don’t quite work. I think they need to be lighter to create balance.

Built in cabinets 033

A quick spin around Pinterest and I found a few examples of what I have in mind.

Antiqued-White Fireplace Screen at Horchow.

Jennelise: Around the Christmas Tree

I think it might be time for some high heat spray paint.

Do you think I should?


Monday, July 20, 2015

The Ugly Garden- Contain Yourself

I’ve been tearing up the garden beds in both the front and back yards. I would like to edge them with a permanent structure. In perusing Pinterest I found ideas under the titles of garden border, garden planter, and garden edging. Stone garden wall and brick garden wall also produced some lovely inspiration.

When we bought the house the beds had metal landscape edging combined with plastic brick edging.


Over the weekend Sweet Guy dug out all the plastic bricks. They were still good, just not the look we wanted, so they were placed on Craigslist and gone within an hour.

faux brick 002

I should clarify that I do like the idea of a low brick wall.

Flower Bed Edging - Buzzle

But I would like it to be real brick in various shades similar to the brick on Storybook Cottage.

Pathway through defined planting borders to front door, something along these lines could be nice...

Stacked stone walls seem to be quite popular here in Texas.

Retaining wall  I'm going to plant some of those little white flowers all around my garden edging I think....if I knew what it was it might help...;o)

Several of our neighbors have stone and mortar edging.

Modern Backyard Garden Ideas To Help You Design Your Own Little Heaven Near Your House

It reminds me of the lovely stone walls that dot the English countryside.

We’re in the process of getting 3-4 estimates from local masons.

Do you like brick or stone?