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Friday, July 25, 2014

Strolling Thru Saint-Rémy

Saint-Rémy-de-Provence is a lovely town. It is filled with quaint little shops, delicious restaurants and small winding streets.

St. Remy-Tarascon 088

It is located just a few miles south of Avignon with the Alpilles mountain range to the north.

St. Remy-Tarascon 106

Here you will find buildings that are centuries old and feature shutters in perfect postcard paint shades.

St. Remy-Tarascon 179

As always, look up as even the upper street corners may be embellished.

St. Remy-Tarascon 173

Saint Rémy was the birthplace of Nostradamus (Michel de Nostredame) a 16th century apothecary who became famous for his 1555 published prophecies “Les Propheties”. He has been credited with predicting many major world events.

St. Remy-Tarascon 169-001

There is a fountain on the street which claims his birthplace.

St. Remy-Tarascon 170-001

As with most European cities, towns and villages there are numerous fountains. I was not sure if this fountain featured a dragon, fish or perhaps a dragon fish?

St. Remy-Tarascon 176

We loved exploring all the small shops.

St. Remy-Tarascon 163

At Joel Durand’s shop the famed patissier was in the process of making rose flavored chocolates. They were delicious!

St. Remy-Tarascon 112

We enjoyed a late lunch at a sidewalk café. I am still dreaming about this delicious summer salad which featured tomatoes, avocado, local cheese and olives. Yum!

Baux-Elig 221-001

My cousin introduced me to my new favorite drink. A refreshing grapefruit and tonic water beverage that is sadly not sold stateside. I’ve been trying to recreate it at home.

Baux-Elig 220-001

As always we encountered truly charming people.

St. Remy-Tarascon 108

There are many other sites to see in Saint Rémy:

For those that love art you can follow in the footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh. Between 1889-1890 he was treated at the psychiatric center at Saint-Paul-de-Mausole (Saint Paul Monastery), a beautiful Franciscan convent.

van gogh

There are markers all over the city that show you the perspective of Van Gogh when he created various paintings of the area. I did not see all 21 sites…after all I had to leave something for my next trip! :)

St. Remy-Tarascon 162

On the outskirts of Saint Rémy is Glanum, a fortified Roman city that began in 27 B.C. and was abandoned in 260 A.D. It is known for two well-preserved Roman monuments~ France’s oldest triumphal arch and the Mausoleum of the Julii.

St. Remy-Tarascon 114

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

St. Remy-Tarascon 091-002

Next week we’ll be seeing even more of Provence!


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Thursday, July 24, 2014

This Home is Up For Auction

As much as I adore the 1920’s charmer I shared with you on Tuesday, I have to sadly move on because it is completely out of our price range. Sigh, why does money have to be a factor? :) But I have spied a very interesting house that is in our price range as it is up for auction.

I feel as if it needs a name, like “Tara” in Gone With The Wind.

I adore the front door with its Palladian styled windows.

Oh could I cook in here! The kitchen is much larger than the small shoebox I currently concoct meals in.

There is crown molding in each of the rooms and many of the rooms have gorgeous floors.

There’s even a loft area that would be a great “Man Cave” space.

I’m thinking that there is a glorious closet behind that bathtub wall.

We’ve purchased a foreclosed home before. It was a lot of work, but so much fun. I can’t help but think of the family that used to live here. This is why I try to respect each of the rooms I feature. The spaces were once someone’s home.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Saint-Rémy’s Provençal Market

The very first thing we did in Provence was to attend a local market held on Wednesday mornings in nearby Saint-Rémy.


Having been to markets in Paris, as well as experienced the regional delights in Alsace, Brittany, Burgundy and Lorraine it was such fun to see what a Provençal market offered. Olives and olive oil were displayed in abundance.

St. Remy-Tarascon 060

Nougat is a local sweet treat.

St. Remy-Tarascon 061

There are numerous types of dried fruit. The pineapple (ananas) was delicious!

St. Remy-Tarascon 067-001

When I spied this thick slab of bacon I couldn’t help but think of Mr. Décor who adores it. The butcher was happy to cut the bacon to any desired thickness.

St. Remy-Tarascon 071

While I am well familiar with Herbes de Provence I had no idea that many other spices were also a specialty.

St. Remy-Tarascon 072

Then there was the bright and cheerful Provençal pottery. Ever dish imaginable was available.


But my favorite was of course the fabrics. Rows upon rows of delightful tablecloths, napkins and by the yard options. 


Of course there were many lovely stalls of beautiful fruits and vegetables. I couldn’t resist these delicious in season cherries.

Isle sur la Sorge-Gorde 015

What would you put in your market basket?


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes~ A Home To Adore

Thank you all SO very much for your kind comments regarding our upcoming move to the Fort Worth area.

So many delightful Texas bloggers have already laid out the welcome mat.

Reality is setting in and I am purging cabinets and closets like crazy. A garage sale is planned for August 2nd. Whew~ so much to do!

It truly is an exciting and daunting process.

Of course I have already been looking at houses on the internet.

Would you like to see my favorite?

This home was built in 1920 and sits in the historical district of Fort Worth.

I would probably paint the upper walls of the formal dining room a soft, light color, but just look at those floors!!!

The kitchen is full of light. The bottom white cabinets are original to the home.

You just can’t recreate some of the delightful elements found in a historical home.

For those who were wondering “Yes, the Fashionista is moving with us.” The Dallas area is actually a prime player in the fashion industry and there are great opportunities awaiting her. She would sleep in this room until she found a place of her own.

There is even a little guest cottage in the back for Grandma Jingles to live in. She is currently being fitted for her 10 gallon hat. :) Grandma Joyce has opted to remain in the Jacksonville area. The cottage needs a bit of work but OH WOULDN’T THAT BE FUN!

I’ll just sit in the garden and scheme awhile as to how I can talk the present owners into lowering the price to half of what they are asking.

I am thinking that if I tell them that I REALLY love the house they will do it. :)


Monday, July 21, 2014

A Perfect Place to Stay in Provence~ Mas Predon

Just 7 kilometers outside of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France is the tiny village of Saint-Étienne-du-Grès. Here you will find a charming bed and breakfast: Mas Predon.

St. Remy-Tarascon 024-001

It is located on the Avenue d’Arles and a large sign marks the driveway.

Isle sur la Sorge-Gorde 199

There is a large parking area and a well worn path that leads to a series of buildings. On your right is a small shed and just behind it is separate guest quarters.

Amboise 019

The L’Olivier studio has its own kitchenette, patio and charming shuttered doors.

Isle sur la Sorge-Gorde 001-001

However we walked towards the main house where we found our handsome, charming and knowledgeable innkeeper, Francis.Amboise 021

Upon our arrival he gave a tour of the lovely grounds and pointed out that our bedroom would be the room on the upper right.

Amboise 022

We entered through the second door which was flanked by lovely potted olive trees.

Amboise 015

We had booked the “Soleil” room which had two well appointed beds.

St. Remy-Tarascon 014

The bathroom was quite modern with numerous amenities.

St. Remy-Tarascon 004

There was a dresser as well as a writing desk. The French doors led to a small balcony…

St. Remy-Tarascon 007

…and a beautiful view of the manicured gardens.

St. Remy-Tarascon 023

At the left of the property was a small cabana that housed an outdoor kitchen to include a refrigerator and grill available to all guests.

St. Remy-Tarascon 025-001

There is also a lovely covered seating area where we enjoyed breakfast one rainy morning.

Isle sur la Sorge-Gorde 002-001

Although the pool looked quite inviting, it was still a bit cool. I plan to go back some summer to take a plunge.

St. Remy-Tarascon 044

Looking back towards the main house, which is several centuries old, you can see the large flagstone patio. I sat outside here several mornings using Skype so that I could share the lovely view with Mr. Décor.

St. Remy-Tarascon 037

My cousin, Linda, and I also enjoyed several lovely breakfasts here as well.

Montpellier 004-001

Béatrice, the lady of the Mas, is a master in the kitchen. Every morning we enjoyed her freshly squeezed juice, a variety of homemade breads and jams, as well as a medley of Viennese pastries accompanied by coffee or tea.

St. Remy-Tarascon 052

Mas Predon is extremely quiet and peaceful. Wifi is available. Francis is happy to provide you with travel suggestions, maps and dinner reservations. I would recommend that you have a command of basic French in order for good conversation. Mas Predon does not take credit cards but there is a bank right up the street with an ATM happy to dispense Euro’s. :)

Amboise 006

At the end of the week I felt that I had made two very special new friends. Francis and Béatrice you are true treasures and are missed very much!

Amboise 039

If you happen to visit, please tell them “Laura INGALLS says hello”. They really enjoy “Little House” which is shown regularly in France.


The Mas Predon website can be found HERE.

I was not compensated in any way. All opinions are my own.

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