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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Le Nouveaurose

I’ve been so eager to share these images from my truly talented friend Jill Garber’s booth, Le Nouveaurose, at Round Top. I had over 2000 images to sift through that I had taken during our recent visit.

Approaching the space you feel as if you are stepping into an etheral fabric wonderland.


Jill posesses an art for display that is completely enchanting.


Textile treasures are found at every turn.


Jill is truly a kindred spirit in that she loves to rescue antique textiles, embroidered silk Canton shawls and other jeweled bits.


Each item is then transformed into something magically new, all by hand, right here in America.


The Mucha belt is named for the amazing Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha. The fabric belts feature buckles made from pretty rhinestones, intricate antique silver or other glorious delights.


I can’t help think of the famed Faberg√© eggs whenever I gaze upon the beautiful pasimenteri√© ornaments and wish boxes.


I adore the tones of bridal white…


…and brightly colored silks…


…found on the Elizabeth purses. Each purse features an antique sterling silver or gold washed filigree purse frame that is a work of art in and of itself. It is coupled with an antique silk exterior and fine linen interior which showcases the art of couture at its finest. 


The Fashionista favors the artisian cuff braclets. Any time she wears one she is always asked where she found such beauty.


There is also quite the adoration for the tunics, dresses and jackets. With their intricate detailing it’s easy to see why.




Of course my girl couldn’t resist dressing up a bit while she was there.



Jill assisted on some of the bridal wear.


Could this precious fabric be any more perfect for a bridal gown?


I was mezmerized by the lovely and delicate hands that create such beauty.


The cameo and turquoise jewelry pieces are truly swoonworthy.


The cameos are antique pieces and the turquoise comes from the southwest.


Le Nouveaurose also offers home decor accessories such as the glorious pillows in the background.


The detailing on the settee was divine.


I purchased a Jolie Cloche Hat that was love at first sight. 

Thank you for a memorable day. Our time together was truly priceless dear tender hearted Jill and it was a delight to meet the amazing shop girl extraordinaire (and new friend) Kathie.


Le Nouveaurose is open twice a year at Marburger Farms during Round Top antiques week and online year around.

You can follow the Le Nouveaurose Instagram page HERE.

Links to Jill’s beautiful home, Hope Willow Farm, are found HERE.

Thank you Jill for allowing me to capture such beauty.


Sunday, May 22, 2016

New Updates and Curtains for the Garden Shed

Happy Monday my friends!

Garden Shed 074

Back in early March I wrote about my desire to create a secret garden.

The thing about enchanting gardens is that they do not happen overnight. Here’s a reminder as to what this area used to look like.

Secret Garden 327

Just two months have passed but the arbor is now covered is gorgeous pink climbing roses.

failure 025

On the other side of the arbor base morning glories started from seed are also putting on a good show.

garden 036

The terra cotta pot that held our lonely gardenia bush was transformed into a fairy garden.

Garden 1007

My friend Debbie shared that there were some terrific fairy garden accessories at Big Lots. I bought a few things for a fantastic price.

Garden 1004

I was told that peonies cannot grow here in Texas.

I have one in the ground and one in a pot and so far both are doing beautifully. They will probably not bloom until next year.

Garden Shed 069

On the shed we made just a few, low to no cost, updates.

The window and walls were given a good spring cleaning.

We painted the faded shutters Krylon Pistacio in Satin.

The unused metal hanging hardware was removed.

Garden Shed 079

Native Texas wildflower seeds were sown to create a butterfly garden. (It currently looks a bit “weedy” but it will get there.)

Garden Shed 075

We have had so much rain that the area is only now just starting to blossom.

failure 021-001

After these few updates I found myself not really wanting to see the inside contents of this hardworking shed.

Mr. Decor thought I was crazy but I wanted to hang up white lacy curtains.

Since the shed is metal I used a magnetic curtain rod over each interior window.

To hang the curtains I just attached cafe curtain rings that I spray painted (Rust-Oleum flat white) to match the curtain rod.

Garden Shed 109

The curtain is an vintage tablecloth that I found last week at an estate sale for just a few dollars. It was cut in half and each edge hemmed.

Garden Shed 051

Now, just so you know, I generally don’t go around cutting up good tablecloths.

Sadly this tablecloth, which still had the tags hanging on it, had sat on a shelf where it remained for many years. Dust and dirt settled into the main front fold which ran straight down the center of the tablecloth. Despite my best efforts I couldn’t remove the stain. It also shrunk quite a bit even though I used cold water while cleaning and had line dried it.

Since it no longer fit either of my tables and there was a large center stain I felt it was ok to cut it up and sew it into curtains that I would enjoy. In a shed. #crazycurtainlady

Garden Shed 055

I’ll keep you posted on how the butterfly garden progresses. So far, both of the dachshund boys seem to be really enjoying it. (smile :)

Garden Shed 114-001

I hope you will enjoy all of the outdoor inspiration found here and please link up some of your own.

So tell me, would you hang up curtains in a shed?


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Keeping Harmony in the Home and Garden

I adore this wee gnome couple sitting in our herb garden. It reminds the Mr. and I of ourselves.

Garden Shed 087

A few weeks ago we made a trip to a big box store to pick out a storm door. We agreed that the almond colored door with bronze hardware would best fit in with our existing bronze lighting, almond siding and newly installed gutter system.

Garden Shed 091

Last Saturday Mr. Decor went back to the store to pick up the door. He worked tirelessly all day to install the storm door. Storybook Cottage is an old home filled with odd measurements and charming crooked edges that always offers a challenge to any DIY project.

At the end of the day he proudly asked me to come look at the door. 

Garden Shed 089

I was quiet as my brain began to process that he had purchased the taupe colored door with nickel hardware verses the expected almond colored door with bronze hardware.

Garden Shed 096-001

A small thing to be sure.

Was I going to make it a big fuss over a door that was difficult to install? A door that is not even our primary entrance or even our secondary entrance. It is a door that is rarely, if ever, used.

At his prompting I was honest and said “It looks really good. I just had to process that this was not the door we had picked out.”

The lightbulb went on in his brain and he said, “Oh it’s the wrong color. I will take it down and exchange it.”

To which I informed him that this door was staying put.

Because truly there is so much more to focus on instead.

garden 007

The daylilies we planted last year are blooming.

garden 055-001

Despite all the recent rain there are buds and blossoms on the “Angel Face” rose tree.

garden 015

The white vinca and purple petunias are full of life.

garden 014

Last years salvia has returned.

garden 024

We got the old mailbox posted into the ground.

garden 028

It will soon be covered in the morning glories started from seed.

garden 025

Truly there is so much beauty to see instead.

Like this sweet vintage fountain I found for a song.

garden 020

Every time I see the fountain it brings a smile to my face with it’s happy reminder of love.

Beyond it you can hardly see the off colored door.

I truly would much rather focus on this.

garden 022

May you choose to see love.


“They are like a well-watered plant in the sunshine, spreading its shoots over the garden.” ~ Job 8:16

“In simple humility, let our gardener God, landscape you with the Word, making a salvation-garden of your life.” ~ James 1: 21

I hope you’ll join us tomorrow for this months Garden Party.